Changelog (archive)

v1.7.3 Rey Theme Rey Core

7 Oct 2020

  • New: Added WooCommerce 360° product image, in product page’s gallery. Images can be uploaded in the product page’s backend, 360 Image tab.
  • Improvement: Updated Kirki framework (and fixed colorpicker alpha selector);
  • Improvement: Extra variations images, added compatibility with WooCommerce CSV import/export;
  • Improvement: Header Cart element, added option to upload a custom icon;
  • Improvement: Header Cart element, added option for custom icon & hide counter when 0 items in bag;
  • Improvement: Header Nav. element, added controls for submenus padding;
  • Improvement: Slider Nav. element, compatibility with Rey Posts element (carousel mode);
  • Improvement: Extra variation images, added option to enable right in variation notice;
  • Improvement: Added option to choose the permission role to display the Singular settings per page/product/etc. ;
  • Improvement: Sticky add to cart bar, added possibility of setting a finish point;
  • Improvement: Added ability through code, to force the header’s logo not to be wrapped into a link. For example this code to prevent wrapping the logo in a link, on homepage;
  • Fix: Product page’s mobile gallery, not properly opening correct image (with extra variation images enabled);
  • Fix: Wishlist still showing up in catalog even if it’s disabled in Customizer options;
  • Fix: Product page, properly header position overlap when selected;
  • Fix: Compare link in My account page showing html markup;
  • Fix: Compare feature causing hidden page titles;
  • Fix: WooCommerce Photo Reviews settings. Added option in Customizer > WooCommerce > Advanced, to disable Rey’s settings override and rely on the WPR’s plugin own settings.
  • Fix: WPML compatibility fixes;
  • Fix: Customizer color picker issues;
  • Fix: Improperly validated attribute name causing fatal error;
  • Fix: Product grid element, with no products, causing some markup issues;
  • Fix: Fancy menu fixes when using in multiple instances;
  • Fix: Ajax filters, price range doesn’t update prices when On-sale is selected;
  • Fix: Product page’s compact skin, sticky share overlapping content;

v1.7.2 Rey Theme Rey Core

21 Sept 2020

  • New: Added Wishlist element for Header use, with list and grid style;
  • Improvement: Product gallery added custom code filter to prevent image title attribute to show. Use in child theme functions.php to activate it;
  • Improvement: Wishlist page compatibility with WPML/PolyLang;
  • Improvement: Added password visibility toggle button on password fields;
  • Improvement: Product catalog, Product Wrapped skin, added option to force the image fit either stretched or natural;
  • Improvement: Product page, video link, added option to customize text;
  • Fix: Account panel not opening panel anymore;
  • Fix: Missing titles in some posts/pages;
  • Fix: Wishlist menu item in My account page showing odd html text;
  • Fix: Product page gallery, cascade layout, forced images back to full width inside their container;
  • Fix: Mobile product gallery not allowing click on images to open lightbox;
  • Fix: Product page fixed summary issues with lazy loading in Jetpack;
  • Fix: Search when choosing only a single post type in Search settings;
  • Fix: Offcanvas controls showing in all global sections when editing them;
  • Fix: YITH Gift Card compatibility extra tweaks;
  • Fix: Wishlist in account panel, not removing products properly;
  • Fix: Product page’s custom tabs, problems with Greek alphabet;
  • Fix: Blog posts element, fixed image getting hidden when hidden in Customizer;

v1.7.1 Rey Core

23 Sept 2020

  • Improvement: Info Block in product page’s backend, converted to wysiwyg editor;
  • Improvement: Header’s Account panel, logged in, show Hello “Username” if First name is missing;
  • Improvement: Wishlist module, inherit wishlist page from TI Wishlist plugin if it had one assigned;
  • Improvement: Added indicators option in Fancy menu element;
  • Fix: Allow Cover nest to disable social icons;
  • Fix: Offcanvas not being triggered sometimes;
  • Fix: Product gallery, grid style not sizing properly;
  • Fix: Product page, fixed summary starting even if gallery is smaller;
  • Fix: Wishlist module, prevent wishlist page’s content from showing elsewhere;
  • Fix: Wishlist notice on mobile display;
  • Fix: Wishlist issues when caching is enabled;
  • Fix: Price filter slider not refreshing when filter changes;
  • Fix: Product gallery zoom, use large attribute image instead of main image source;
  • Fix: Compare page not displaying products;
  • Fix: Filtering not resetting pagination;
  • Fix: Heading vertical text & slide-in/out effects;
  • Fix: Nest & Split covers, tweaks with top border animation, not resizing their height properly;
  • Fix: Product grid, fixed titles not equalizing in height;
  • Fix: Can_ship shortcode not showing country on no-text mode;

v1.7.0 Rey Theme Rey Core

21 Sept 2020

  • New: Added RTL mode. For already existing users, please make sure to edit the child theme’s functions.php and remove a specific line ( 22 ). Here’s a quick video how to do it .
  • New: Added Rey’s internal Wishlist module. Much faster and way lighter. You can disable the TI Wishlist plugin and Rey’s module should be active, however access Customizer > WooCommerce > Wishlist and make sure to select the Wishlist page. Other related features coming soon.
  • New: Added Product Compare internal module. Options are located in Customizer > WooCommerce > Compare.
  • New: Bundled new plugin WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin into Rey;
  • New: Added Cookie notice popup;
  • Improvement: Related products, added option to display as carousel;
  • Improvement: Off-Canvas global sections, refactored and now all its settings are in the global section’s Page Settings (bottom left gear icon), instead of the Trigger element;
  • Improvement: Cover Distortion, added label typography control;
  • Improvement: Estimated delivery, added option to use Locale for dates;
  • Improvement: Header’s z-index automatic conflicts with inner section’s z-index value;
  • Improvement: Product page title typography option in Customizer;
  • Improvement: Toggle boxes element, added some new customisation options for Stacks skin;
  • Improvement: Ajax login code refactoring, also fixes sometimes getting stuck;
  • Improvement: Accordion element, added option to start closed;
  • Improvement: Added option in Customizer’s style panel, to control theme’s neutral colors Hue;
  • Improvement: Header nav. element, hamburger icon, custom text, added text position option;
  • Improvement: Header nav. element, mobile panel, new option to add social icons;
  • Improvement: Product page gallery, added option to add image that triggers Video modal;
  • Improvement: Back to top button, added option for custom icon;
  • Improvement: Updated ACF Pro to 5.9.1;
  • Improvement: FacetWP compatibility tweaks;
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with WooCommerce Brands (added Cover & Singular page settings);
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with YITH Gift Cards;
  • Improvement: Notices in Customizer when an Elementor Pro has a Headers/Footers published;
  • Improvement: “can_ship” shortcode now supports extra attribute “no_text” for failing message;
  • Improvement: Added option in Icon element to stretch as block;
  • Fix: Trigger element, click doesn’t work in first seconds;
  • Fix: Product page’s Fixed Summary inconsistency on scrolling;
  • Fix: CartFlows plugin incompatibilities;
  • Fix: Category Filters in product category pages;
  • Fix: Sticky Add to cart bar, added visual css fixes for Stripe button;
  • Fix: Texts of the Checkout top bar were not translatable with WPML;
  • Fix: Estimated delivery’s margin, didn’t applied the days exclusions;
  • Fix: Variation swatches not supporting rounded style;
  • Fix: Forms accessibility fixes;
  • Fix: Sticky Column fixes;
  • Fix: Search not excluding products that are marked as hidden;
  • Fix: Product page custom blocks (tabs) titles display;
  • Fix: SQL issues when filtering tags;
  • Fix: Product grid element, pagination issue when using with load more button;
  • Fix: Grouped products, issues with quantity controls;
  • Fix: Quickview gallery variations changing product page’s gallery images too;
  • General fixes and code improvements;

v1.6.17 Rey Core

28 Aug 2020

  • Improvement: Sticky columns, wait execution until background images are loaded too;
  • Improvement: Estimated delivery, per product option, added ability to add 0 (zero, for Today) and -1 to disable;
  • Improvement: Added ability to override login form’s redirect link;
  • Improvement: Temporary tweak for an Elementor v3.0.x bug that’s likely to be fixed soon;
  • Improvement: Added customizer control for page titles typography;
  • Fix: Mini-cart panel size on mobile;
  • Fix: Custom fonts, if multiple, last one overrides the others;
  • Fix: Sometimes icons align left;
  • Fix: Variation color-image swatches size issue;
  • Fix: Hide request modal form in other pages except the product pages actually using it;

v1.6.16 Rey Core

25 Aug 2020

  • Improvement: Custom fonts, forced support for all font mime types;
  • Fix: Elementor 3.0 incompatibilities;
  • Fix: removed var_dump in WC brands compatibility file;
  • Fix: CSS dependencies fix;
  • Fix: Product page’s fixed summary when changing variations

v1.6.15 Rey Theme Rey Core

20 Aug 2020

  • Improvement: Made Singular settings automatically available for Attributes that have a public archive;
  • Improvement: Added shortcode possibility for Size Chart (when using in an Elementor Pro product page template), eg: [rey_woo_advanced_size_chart];
  • Improvement: Added shortcode posibility for Estimated Delivery (when using an Elementor Pro product page template), eg: [rey_estimated_delivery];
  • Improvement: Button element, added icon hover effect and size;
  • Improvement: Updated ACF Pro to 5.8.14;
  • Improvement: Tweaked the “Update cart” button color in cart page;
  • Improvement: Refresh cart page automatically if quantities are changing;
  • Improvement: Products shortcode improvements;
  • Improvement: Added options to tweak the product page open gallery (plus) button (like other icon, custom text etc.);
  • Improvement: Product page tabs, disabled titles inside tabs (as default);
  • Improvement: Product page – default skin, added support for custom sidebar;
  • Improvement: Cover SplitSlide, added options for background position to sliding items;
  • Improvement: Cover Nest, autoplay delay, after entrance animation;
  • Improvement: Cover Nest, added option to disable entrance animation;
  • Improvement: Posts element added support for CPTs;
  • Improvement: Product catalog’s ajax variable products popup, available for mobile too;
  • Improvement: Heading elements, special hover parent effects, disabled for mobiles (when starting hidden);
  • Improvement: Product page Add to cart, added notice if clicked when to attribute is selected in variable products;
  • Improvement: Variation buttons in products catalog, will change select options url, to be able to preselect the attribute in product page;
  • Improvement: Product page’s variations pre-select if only a single attribute;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable header cart panel and go straight to cart page;
  • Improvement: Added color options for product page’s add to cart button;
  • Dev. improvement: added custom filter in Posts element. Use “reycore/elementor/posts/query_args” to filter the query arguments;
  • Dev. improvement: Posts element, added custom query ID option. Use “reycore/elementor/query/{$query_id}”. Works the same as EPRO’s element.
  • Fix: WordPress 5.5 compatibility fixes;
  • Fix: Menu element, Categories skin, extra checks for invalid terms;
  • Fix: Discount badge in product catalog (mobile list view);
  • Fix: Sometimes product badges cannot be deleted;
  • Fix: Menu element, on columns, alignment fixes for mobile;
  • Fix: blinking effect when loading the Nest cover;
  • Fix: WooCommerce Brands plugin compatibilities;
  • Fix: Template library assets wrong constant as version;
  • Fix: Trigger element set on Offcanvas, desktop width not working;
  • Fix: Wishlist sometimes not wrapping thumbnails in a link;
  • Fix: Some features don’t work properly when WooCommerce is disabled;
  • Fix: Compatibility issues with Metform plugin;
  • Fix: Product page blocks, fixed long words affecting blocks width;
  • Fix: Sometimes the count sql query in filters throwing DB query error;
  • Fix: Sometimes after filtering, products appear hidden;
  • Fix: Logout redirect url when on taxonomy pages;
  • Fix: Link on column sometimes throwing JS error;
  • Fix: Toggle boxes accessibility tweaks causing sometimes to disable spaces in inputs;
  • Fix: Global sections visibility by scheduled date not working sometimes;
  • Fix: Add to cart button not being properly styled in an EPro ATC. element;
  • Fix: Php error in certain configurations;
  • Fix: Elementor PRO custom fonts in Customizer’s typography lists;
  • Fix: Product page’s gallery lightbox when changing variation;
  • Fix: HoverBox Distortion element, issues with multiple instances;
  • Fix: Product page’s Elementor PRO Price element, added discount badge;
  • Fix: Elementor v3.0 compatibilities with Optimized DOM option enabled;
  • Fix: Header Cart panel’s width;
  • General minor fixes and improvements;

v1.6.14 Rey Theme Rey Core

24 July 2020

  • Improvement: Header – Navigation element, offcanvas panel, added slide direction option;
  • Improvement: Header – Navigation element, offcanvas panel, added desktop width option;
  • Improvement: Header Language & Currency elements, added Trigger option (click/hover);
  • Improvement: Product Categories & Attributes widget, added Order option;
  • Fix: Ajax Filters not properly changing categories;
  • Fix: Logo size sometimes gets smaller;
  • Fix: Fixed summary when changing variation gallery in product page (partial);
  • Fix: Menu element, categories skin, extra checks to fix php error;

v1.6.13 Rey Theme Rey Core

23 July 2020

  • Improvement: Menu hamburger animation tweaks;
  • Improvement: Updated Kirki framework;
  • Improvement: Added option to enable a Back button (as arrow) inside the archive’s page title (option can be found in Customizer > WooCommerce > Misc.);
  • Improvement: Filter widgets, added choice to show/hide on product categories;
  • Improvement: Category and Attributes filter widgets, added ordering option;
  • Improvement: Added option to modify search input’s default placeholder text;
  • Improvement: Filter widgets, when in active tax (archive), clicking on the active item, exits to shop page;
  • Fix: CSS styling sometimes not properly saved;
  • Fix: Filters widgets, “Show children only” option was enabled even though it was unchecked in the widget settings;
  • Fix: Offcanvas panel JS scripts not properly running;
  • Fix: My account spacing tweak;
  • Fix: PHP error fix with Polylang active;
  • Fix: Cover Nest mobile height fix;
  • Fix: Reviews block opened even though it’s not set to be opened by default;
  • Fix: Elementor section’s columns gap in edit mode;
  • Fix: When Quickview only is enabled, link product slideshow too;
  • Fix: Fixed summary when changing variation gallery in product page.

v1.6.12 Rey Theme Rey Core

18 July 2020

  • New: Global sections, added option to control visibility (eg: show by start/end date, or logged in status);
  • New: Added panel for import/export customizer options;
  • Improvement: Product page, added option to move reviews stars after title;
  • Improvement: Image Carousel element, added option to make variable width on image slides;
  • Improvement: Single product page, tabs layout, added option to make Reviews tab as separate block;
  • Improvement: Added WooCommerce Brands compatibility with Product grid element;
  • Improvement: Updated ACF Pro 5.8.12;
  • Improvement: Product Categ. & Attributes widget, added option to choose parents click behaviour;
  • Improvement: Language switcher element, added more customisation options;
  • Improvement: Added more cart panel customisation options;
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WooCommerce Multi-currency PRO plugin;
  • Improvement: Compatibilities with the upcoming Elementor v3 (currently in beta). Work in progress;
  • Improvement: Cover Nest, added custom mobile height;
  • Improvement: Minicart, added item subtotal. Must use “reycore/woocommerce/minicart/item_subtotal” filter.
  • Improvement: Added radio option for WC. variation swatches;
  • Fix: Incompatibility between WooCommerce Custom Fields and Sticky add to cart bar;
  • Fix: Elementor PRO custom fonts not being loaded in Customizer font lists;
  • Fix: Scroll clipping effect (Valencia demo);
  • Fix: Horizontal thumbs gallery now displaying nav;
  • Fix: Cover Split, logo missing issue;
  • Fix: Carousel Uno inner spacing issues;
  • Fix: Carousel Uno, sync improvements;
  • Fix: Arrows of Carousel Uno element, not showing on mobiles;
  • Fix: Discount label in related products;
  • Fix: Custom taxonomy filter widget not pulling taxonomies properly;
  • Fix: Product page’s fixed summary width issues;
  • Fix: “After content” global sections, placed before Review blocks, check if reviews are enabled;
  • Fix: Offcanvas panels fixes;
  • Fix: Slider nav element with multiple instances;
  • Fix: Product page blocks, sizes & proportions issues;
  • Fix: Mega menus issues with WPML;
  • Fix: Product page sticky add to cart issues with fixed summary;
  • Fix: Styles seem broken sometimes in duplicated WPML translated page;
  • Fix: Mega menu panels sometimes not resizing properly;
  • Various fixes and improvements.

v1.6.11 Rey Theme Rey Core

7 July 2020

  • Improvement: Added support for menu items icons;
  • Fix: Spacebar not working on input fields;
  • Fix: Avoided recursion for mega menus;

v1.6.10 Rey Theme Rey Core

6 July 2020

  • New: Off-canvas global section type, which is used to display Elementor content in a side panel, activated by the Trigger element. More in this article ;
  • New: Trigger element, displayed as a button or Hamburger icon, to activate Off-canvas panels (and other UI elements soon);
  • New: Menu element, added Custom links skin, to create custom menu links on the fly;
  • New: Menu element, added Account menu skin;
  • New: Added Simple Search form element;
  • New: Added option to upload custom fonts in Rey settings;
  • New: Added new option for Sections – “Hide on demand”, which appends a close button, to hide the section;
  • New: Added new widget – Product Categories & Attributes that looks like the filter one, but is purely navigational;
  • New: Column element, added option to place a link on the column itself;
  • New: Added “Scroll to top” button with 2 styles. Options can be found in Customizer > General;
  • Improvement: Toggle boxes, added link option for Hover based triggers;
  • Improvement: Fixed header, added option to show a hidden section on hover;
  • Improvement: Specifications block in product page, added choice to move it under the social icons;
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Brands plugin compatibilities;
  • Improvement: Image element, custom height mode, added option to contain image (rather than cover);
  • Improvement: Account panel custom menu items, added option to merge the 2 menus (enabled by default);
  • Improvement: Changed account panel’s H2’s with H4’s;
  • Improvement: Added possibility to add multiple badges to products (instead of a single one);
  • Improvement: Badges, added support to be displayed on product page too;
  • Improvement: Edit mode, moved header elements group to the top when editing Header global sections;
  • Improvement: Menu element > Subcategories skin, changed subcategory option list hierarchical;
  • Improvement: Text Scroller element, added vertical slide effect;
  • Improvement: Button added option to fully stretch;
  • Improvement: Modal section, added option to choose close button color;
  • Improvement: New Newsletter element style option (stretched input & button);
  • Improvement: Toggle Boxes style & functionality improvements;
  • Improvement: Navigation accessibility improvements;
  • Improvement: Blurry slider, added more controls to customize arrows navigation;
  • Improvement: Product loop slideshows, new bullets style (simple dots);
  • Improvement: Product grid element, added option to hide out of stock items;
  • Improvement: Select2 support for select lists created with WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin;
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Attributes element, added support for image type attributes;
  • Improvement: Panels Cover (Tokyo), added control to change bottom spacing, and added option to link entire panel;
  • Improvement: Exclude categories option, made it to exclude categories themselves too from shop page;
  • Improvement: Added option to change/disable Description tab title in product page;
  • Improvement: Product page blocks layout, layout fixes;
  • Improvement: Product page, added option to display “After content” Global sections, before reviews block;
  • Improvement: Split cover, added option to add custom logo, instead of color inverted;
  • Improvement: Section scroll clipin clipout effects, added option to control threshold;
  • Improvement: Top & Bottom sticky global sections, added option to hide on desktop, tablet or mobile;
  • Improvement: Bottom sticky global section, added option to make it permanently visible;
  • Improvement: Ajax search, ordering fix (to use the same WooCommerce search arguments);
  • Improvement: Slider Nav element, added support to control parent section slideshow option;
  • Fix: CoverSkew swipe conflict with buttons;
  • Fix: Ajax pagination issues with Elementor Pro’s Product archive element;
  • Fix: Multiple post types search tweaks;
  • Fix: Issue with variation products in cart collaterals or upsells items in product page;
  • Fix: Quickview readmore button fix;
  • Fix: Inline search width fixes;
  • Fix: WooCommerce Variation swatches added missing class;
  • Fix: “Sticky add to cart” closes cart panel overlay on product page;
  • Fix: View selector switch, refresh slideshows;
  • Fix: Swiping gesture improvements for Double Slider (Frankfurt demo);
  • Fix: Top filter bar, updated reset button when changing filters;
  • General minor fixes and tweaks;

v1.6.9 Rey Theme Rey Core

9 Jun. 2020

  • New: Added Featured badge option in product catalog, with customisable text;
  • Improvement: Forced Elementor PRO search form element to use product post type so that it uses products template;
  • Improvement: Better loading animation in add to cart panel;
  • Improvement: Adjusted minimum search length to 3 characters instead of 4;
  • Improvement: Button element, add to cart feature, added option to enable redirect to checkout (like a Buy now button);
  • Improvement: Added option for 404 page with global section active, to fully stretch;
  • Improvement: Fullscreen product skin, moved notices at the top on mobiles;
  • Improvement: Spacing visual improvements for checkout fields;
  • Improvement: Added Cart panel width option for Header Cart element;
  • Improvement: Refactored Fixed summary in product page and added extra options (scroll offset, top padding);
  • Improvement: Made ajax filter widgets with accordions, to open when clicking on parent item;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Aelia Country selector;
  • Improvement: Added ability to install Child theme (and copy parent settings), in Rey’s Dashboard;
  • Improvement: Refactored Search’ supported post types option. Now you can create a post type list and add it to the search form instead;
  • Improvement: Removed “0” counter from My account or Wishlist title counts;
  • Improvement: Added option for product catalog’ Categories display, to exclude parent categories;
  • Improvement: Added scroll to top functionality. Simply add “#scrolltotop” url to any button or link (fixed button coming soon);
  • Improvement: Added option to disable login/register & account menu in Header Account Element (this means you could potentially duplicate the My Account element, and use one for Wishlist and one for Account forms);
  • Improvement: Customizer Typography control visual tweaks;
  • Fix: Product Categories display in loop;
  • Fix: Cart collaterals issue when adding product to cart;
  • Fix: Slider navigation over product grid carousel;
  • Fix: Quickview icon button misalignment;
  • Fix: Elementor library templates couldn’t change page template types;
  • Fix: Custom range text option;
  • Fix: PHP warning in tag pages;
  • Fix: Clicking on search form triggers other search inputs;
  • Fix: Disabling Shipping row in cart panel;
  • Fix: Sticky add to cart bar, price display for simple products;
  • Fix: Stamp element issues in Firefox;
  • Fix: Icon not changing in Header account element;
  • Dev improvement: Added filter to prevent appending version to svg icon sprites. Use add_filter('rey/svg_icon/append_version', '__return_false'); if you don’t want it.

v1.6.8 Rey Theme Rey Core

3 Jun. 2020

  • New: Added Product page – Tabs/Blocks panel, which contains all the tabs/blocks options in a single place. Added options to establish priorities;
  • New: Added ability to create custom tabs/blocks for the product page;
  • New: Option to disable Specifications block/tab; Move it into the summary block in various positions; New option to disable weight/dimensions in Specs. block;
  • New: Added custom page container width settings in Singular settings panel;
  • New: Price filter display style (from/to custom inputs with button);
  • New: Added new 1 column layout for mobiles (image on the left, content on the right);
  • New: Sections elements, added Sticky scroll effect option;
  • New: Added ordering option for all elements;
  • New: Added option to change variable prices with ranges (eg: Instead of “$50 – $100”, you can change to “From $100”). Option is added in Advanced settings in WooCommerce panel;
  • New: Added the ability to link both thumbnail and title, to Quickview panel, on desktops in product catalog;
  • Improvement: Added options to change product columns for tablet and mobile;
  • Improvement: Ajax show variations, added overlay and clicking outside to close;
  • Improvement: Added brand term into Facebook for WooCommerce official plugin;
  • Improvement: Added new quickview opening effect – Slide up;
  • Improvement: Added option to force height in fixed header’s section;
  • Improvement: Added option to enable searching product for category name, tag or other taxonomies;
  • Improvement: Price filters widget, added start and ending pricing point for lists (eg: From $100 or Over $500);
  • Improvement: Removed order from active filters;
  • Improvement: Added container image height option, for product page gallery;
  • Improvement: Added posibility in Header’s Account block, to show both text & icon (before or after the text);
  • Improvement: Added option to add/override a Sticky Global section in individual pages;
  • Improvement: Added icons support for Toggle Boxes element (default skin);
  • Improvement: Section as tabs feature, added new switch effect – slide & fade;
  • Improvement: Delivery estimation, added est. margin option eg: 3-5 days;
  • Improvement: Button element, added possibility to transform button to an “Add to cart” link;
  • Improvement: Product variation images changing when click on swatches in filter;
  • Improvement: Currency Switcher element, added option to enable visibility on mobiles (defaults to hidden);
  • Improvement: Added support for Aelia Currency Switcher, for the “Rey Header – Currency” element;
  • Improvement: Added option to show Short description on mobiles too, on product catalog;
  • Improvement: Scheduled lookup tables regeneration after demo import;
  • Improvement: Added extra quickview icon;
  • Fix: Filters not showing the products properly in product categories;
  • Fix: Out of stock variations filtering issues;
  • Fix: Currency symbol in shipping row in mini-cart;
  • Fix: Cart page, quantity controls refresh on updated cart;
  • Fix: Filter button count when in taxonomy;
  • Fix: Search showing out of stock product when option to hide them is enabled;
  • Fix: inline search inconsisted showing images;
  • Fix: Basic header, incorrect order when using store notice;
  • Fix: Slider Navigation element not working properly when added after product carousel;
  • Fix: Mobile gallery with thumbs slider issue when sale tag is around the tag;
  • Fix: Custom related products not working;
  • Fix: Elementor Pro compatibility improvement on the Products element, to fix View selector, and tablet columns display;
  • Fix: Background videos for sections with reveal animations;
  • Fix: Double Slider Cover not clicking on the link and instead swiping;
  • Fix: Price filter widget not filtering properly when minimum is chosen;
  • Fix: Product grid metro, columns on mobile;
  • Fix: Product page gallery video not working properly when changing thumbs;
  • Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Brands plugin;
  • Fix: Wrapped product skin, display issues on mobile
  • Fix: Added option to link everything to Quickview, in product catalog;
  • Fix: Checkboxes with missing sibling tag, will not be hidden any more;

v1.6.7 Rey Theme Rey Core

22 May 2020

  • Improvement: Added option to include tags in search results;
  • Improvement: MailChimp checkbox in checkout restyling;
  • Improvement: Added back 4 columns blog;
  • Improvement: Added option to hide active tax in filters;
  • Fix: Taxonomies filters in tax pages;
  • Fix: Out of stock Variables option not working;
  • Fix: Mobile Gallery showing up twice;
  • Fix: Quantity controls incrementing 2 not 1;
  • Fix: Quantity controls to respect inventory management;
  • Fix: Brands links in product page;
  • Fix: Qty controls looking invisible;
  • Fix: Filters sometimes not linking correctly;

v1.6.6 Rey Theme Rey Core

20 May 2020

  • New: Added Estimated delivery date field with multiple styles eg: . Option can be found in Customizer > WooCommerce > Product page – Content;
  • New: Added option to disable gallery thumbnails cropping;
  • New: Added option to make Top filter bar, sticky on scroll;
  • New: Added multiple customisation styles for Header Nav. element’s hamburger icon, and also the possibility of triggering by hovering;
  • New: Filter widgets, added option to show widget only on selected product categories;
  • New: Added new quantity input controls styles – Select box and Basic style .
  • Improvement: Added quantity controls for Cart panel;
  • Improvement: Added quantity controls for Cart page;
  • Improvement: Added hook before single product summary;
  • Improvement: Added support for multiple post types for Ajax search;
  • Improvement: Product Gallery various tweaks;
  • Improvement: Added possibility of hiding products with out of stock variable products on filtering;
  • Improvement: Added option into Rey theme settings, to choose what post types to display the Singular Settings options;
  • Improvement: WPML/Polylang compatibility improvements;
  • Improvement: Added options for search page to customise cover & header position;
  • Improvement: Header Nav. element, added logo option for mobile panel;
  • Improvement: Menu element in Product Categories skin mode, added option to manually pick categories, in the exact same order;
  • Improvement: Product grid element, added Custom query type option;
  • Improvement: Better loading of extra images in catalog;
  • Improvement: Inline search new options and fixes;
  • Improvement: Cover per product page, added option to conditionally publish covers on single product pages that are in a specified category or tag;
  • Improvement: Notice for filter widgets when used without being enabled;
  • Improvement: Added option to fix for Variation product sale prices;
  • Improvement: Fixed header, added option to disable transitions, and also rearranged the options a bit;
  • Improvement: Added tabs in filter widgets options for better UX;
  • Improvement: Added option to adjust filter panel’s width on mobiles;
  • Improvement: Product grid element, added option to disable accessibility outlines when focusing links within the carousel;
  • Improvement: Visual improvements for variations swatches display on mobiles;
  • Improvement: Mini-Cart skin in Product Grid element, added option to enable add to cart button;
  • Improvement: Carousel Uno color tweaks;
  • Improvement: Added option to make subcategories inherit parent (ancestors) category’s cover;
  • Improvement: Product grid element, added arrows nav. over products, on sides;
  • Improvement: Added posibillity of placing the “After content global section”, before the reviews;
  • Fix: Issue sometimes not being able to activate Rey;
  • Fix: Single product gallery not fitting properly when product page is built with Elementor’s theme builder;
  • Fix: Shop page as Frontpage, filters incompatibility when order is selected;
  • Fix: Ajax pagination issues;
  • Fix: Main menu sub-menu panels not showing properly;
  • Fix: Wrapped product catalog skin, New label moved onto top right corner;
  • Fix: Menu element, Subcategories skin, issues with Ajax navigation & hover styles;
  • Fix: Product grid element image sizes, leaking outside of scope;
  • Fix: Inline search into sticky global section;
  • Fix: Single product page’s mobile gallery, fixed when used in Elementor’s Theme builder;
  • Fix: Minicart counter not updating when in sticky global section;
  • Fix: After add to cart popup, not having styles sometimes;
  • Fix: Cover Nest, links not working properly;

v1.6.5 Rey Theme Rey Core

5 May 2020

  • New: Single product page, added option to disable price, and to show custom text near price (eg: Free Shipping);
  • New: Posts element, added underline hover effect and color pickers;
  • Improvement: Relevanssi plugin compatibility improvements;
  • Improvement: compatibility with berocket filters and ajax load more;
  • Improvement: Header nav. submenus added option to enable pointing triangle;
  • Improvement: ACF field check false positive issues;
  • Improvement: Thumbnails padding option, made it responsive;
  • Improvement: Filter flag for adding “zero-px” hack for outdated minifiers . Snippet here .
  • Fix: WooCommerce Attributes element, not linking correctly;
  • Fix: Nav. indicators size and color options;
  • Fix: Filter widgets, multiple dropdown lists;
  • Fix: Single page, after summary products global section conflict with related products;
  • Fix: Carousels on mobiles not working properly when used with Slider nav. element after the carousel;
  • Fix: Menu items in main menu, padding style resetting;
  • Fix: Filter by Attributes widget, not working with attributes containing dashes;
  • Fix: Filter widgets, not keeping their preselected query type option;
  • Fix: Product grid element, recently viewed product query type not showing products;
  • Fix: Shop page as Front page, incompatibility with Rey ajax filters;
  • Fix: Php error in “After added to cart” popup panel;
  • Fix: Search Inline skin, fixed results display;
  • Fix: Related products cols conflict with Elementor pro’s Related products element;
  • Fix: Php warning error;

v1.6.4 Rey Theme Rey Core

28 Apr. 2020

  • Fix: WPML compatibility error;
  • Fix: Sometimes Customizer styles not being saved & applied when logged out;

v1.6.3 Rey Theme Rey Core

27 Apr. 2020

  • New: Added option to create new menu items for the My Account menu. Access Customizer > Header > Account to add new menu items;
  • New: Added option to hide flat rate if free shipping available;
  • New: Added option to show shipping total in Cart panel;
  • New: Added option to display active (selected) filters above the product grid;
  • New: Product filter widgets, added checkboxes for dropdown lists, and custom placeholders;
  • Improvement: Menu nav. – Categories skin, unlocked Subcategories (all, not just parents);
  • Improvement: Disabled nagging notice of a certain prepackaged plugin;
  • Improvement: Added filter hook on svg icons;
  • Improvement: Cart/Checkout steps, made text editable in Customizer, Cart page panel;
  • Improvement: Added support for Brand attribute to be updated in product list bulk editing;
  • Improvement: Added possibility of selecting unbranded items & to show Brands column;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable Cart/Checkout process steps;
  • Improvement: Added filtering list for Global sections list in admin;
  • Improvement: Support for mobile filters sidebar when in Elementor page, using Product Grid with filters enabled;
  • Improvement: Added option to change Related products columns and limit;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Yith Name your Price;
  • Improvement: Made Customizer tooltips unclickable;
  • Improvement: Lifted ceil restriction for navigation breakpoint setting;
  • Improvement: Product grid added option to enable debugging to show query parameters;
  • Improvement: Ajax load more performance improvement;
  • Improvement: WPRocket automatic excluding icon-sprite svgs (for Rocket CDN);
  • Improvement: Empty product results fix;
  • Improvement: Ajax load more now updates “showing x of y” text;
  • Improvement: Rounded mega menu panels horizontal position to avoid subpixel rendering;
  • Fix: padding 0 for mega menu panels styles;
  • Fix: Mega menu panels side padding;
  • Fix: Filters, fixed php warning;
  • Fix: Variation images duplicates first image for various gallery types;
  • Fix: Php notice on main menu;
  • Fix: Product grid published in mega menus altering main product grid;
  • Fix: Filter dropdown errors & visual issues;
  • Fix: Cover skew button styles;
  • Fix: Product summary text color overrides;
  • Fix: Shop page cover is inherited onto product categories;
  • Fix: Product grid element, fix orderby;
  • Fix: Sale page with filters;
  • Fix: Ajax load more pagination fix for Product grid element;
  • Fix: Proto skin various issues;
  • Fix: Inline search style, mobile Safari issues;
  • Fix: Customizer options, 1st level nav. menu color option not applying;
  • Fix: Variation gallery inheriting main image;
  • Fix: Filters, on sale page, fix counters;
  • Fix: Filters widgets option conditions;
  • Fix: Search panel wide style, custom image height;
  • Fix: Clear transients for new orders to refresh on my account menu;
  • Fix: Product page description spacing issues when edited with Elementor;

v1.6.2 Rey Theme Rey Core

14 Apr. 2020

  • New: Added new Product item skin – Proto ( preview: )
  • Improvement: Added position option for Quickview & Wishlist buttons;
  • New: Added excerpt option to display in product catalog listing;
  • New: Added multiple Add to cart button styles in product catalog listing;
  • New: Add to cart button in product catalog, added option to enable on mobiles;
  • New: Filters widgets, added hierarchical accordion like layout;
  • New: Filters widgets, added checkboxes layout;
  • New: Navigable filters lists (categories, attributes, etc.), added typography control;
  • New: Added column custom width options (That accepts various CSS properties, such as calc(), auto, pixel values etc.);
  • New: Added new skin for Elementor’s Image Carousel element, to support custom links per image;
  • New: Added Product Video Buttons for single product page;
  • New: Added arrow navigation for single product gallery (with thumbs);
  • Improvement: Better control on mobiles for Columns – hide on scroll option on Fixed headers;
  • Improvement: Theme Settings switched back to manage_options capability;
  • Improvement: Menu element added responsive color options for menu items;
  • Improvement: Carousel Uno enabled swipe;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable wishlist button in product catalog;
  • Improvement: Header Nav. element, added submenu indicator color & size options;
  • Improvement: Updated ACF to 5.8.9;
  • Improvement: “Animated” header fixed improvements & refactoring;
  • Improvement: Infinite loading adjusted offset (will trigger a new batch earlier);
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with “WooCommerce Extra Product Options” plugin;
  • Improvement: Added ability to disable ajax login form by applying a custom filter;
  • Improvement: Header nav. element, added option to disable mega menus in mobile panel;
  • Improvement: Hotspots element, mobile improvements;
  • Improvement: Hotspot element, added Pulsate animation type;
  • Improvement: single product page summary, enabled responsive padding options;
  • Improvement: Filters, hide term (attribute) if products out of stock & hide option is enabled;
  • Improvement: Added view all button for custom height filter widgets;
  • Improvement: Single product page gallery with thumb navigation, added new arrow styles (start and end);
  • Improvement: Redesigned the single product page’s tabs on mobiles, to behave like an accordion;
  • Improvement: Refactored JS filters;
  • Fix: CSS not applying in frontend sometimes;
  • Fix: Brands URL’s when taxonomy has archives enabled;
  • Fix: Menu element > Categories skin, fixed Use Ajax option not showing up in the settings;
  • Fix: Active filters widget various fixes;
  • Fix: Product category filter fix;
  • Fix: Alphabetic menu for hierarchical filter widgets;
  • Fix: Searchbox for hierarchical filter widgets;
  • Fix: Brands filter list showing in admin if taxonomy doesn’t exist;
  • Fix: Single product page, custom quantity (input plus minus controls);
  • Fix: Hotspot element, fixed product selector;
  • Fix: Paged pagination in shop;
  • Fix: Missing close.svg image;
  • Fix: WooCommerce attributes elements, Alphabetic menu mobile fix;
  • Fix: Header global sections in Elementor Edit mode, fixed menu dropdown positions;
  • Fix: Product grid in mega menu, conflict with page product grid;
  • Fix: Image gallery improvements when changing variations;
  • Fix: widgets conditionals in Customize > Widgets;
  • Fix: Product grid element, issues with Carousel skin and Metro grid layout;
  • Fix: Element manager, fixed elements not properly disabling/enabling;
  • Fix: Single product page, fixes for handling variation images;
  • Fix: Product taxonomy pages, to hide the page title when a cover is published;
  • Fix: Metro grid, fixed view columns selector;

v1.6.1 Rey Theme Rey Core

2 Apr. 2020

  • New: Added option to disable photoswipe for product gallery;
  • New: Added Brands filter in product list in backend;
  • Improvement: Conditions to restrict applying css classes for products in backend list;
  • Improvement: Added possibility of having both text & icon in header’s Cart block;
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Attribute element, added menu order option;
  • Improvement: Added Refresh dynamic CSS quick menu button in Rey’s admin bar menu;
  • Fix: Variations extra images, main image’ thumb missing;
  • Fix: Wrapped skin inner padding;
  • Fix: Double opening variations extra images media window frame
  • Fix: blog posts in posts widget not showing up;
  • Fix: Attribute & Category filters hierarchical option not working;

v1.6.0 Rey Theme Rey Core

31 Mar. 2020

  • New: Product grid element, compatibility with Ajax product filters. New option has been added to the Product grid element to enable filters to the page it’s being used. Note: only the first Product grid element instance will apply filters. To add the filters, drag a Sidebar element that has widgets published inside;
  • New: Dynamic CSS caching. CSS generated in Customizer is now cached in an option (next version in a stylesheet) to improve performance. Option can be disabled in Rey theme settings in the Misc. tab;
  • New: Added text color option for product summary in single product page;
  • New: Product ajax filters, added hide empty terms, and tooltips for colors options;
  • New: Color filters, added search box option;
  • New: Added sidebar title style options;
  • New: Added possibility of disabling history URL markers for ajax loading pagination;
  • New: Added Wrapped product skin options – custom inner padding, height or animation hover;
  • New: Added image type support for Attributes filter widget;
  • New: Posts element new “Inner” skin, new Carousel mode and other various options;
  • New: Added single product page Related product options, and to enable selecting custom products in Linked products tab;
  • Improvement: Prevention conditions applied for various parts of code to only run in admin or frontend, resulting in slight performance improvements;
  • Improvement: Ajax Filters queries and overall performance;
  • Improvement: Disabled mega menu restrictions to hide on mobiles;
  • Improvement: compressed svgs and included assets and reorganised them;
  • Improvement: Tweaked main menu to reduce query if mobile menu the same as desktop one;
  • Improvement: Added neutral (grays) color system based on hue variable. Hue option coming soon.
  • Improvement: Disable site header’s z-index lock when using Elementor PRO’s sticky option for sections;
  • Improvement: Added link & accent hover color options in Customizer settings;
  • Improvement: Various menu & submenus fixes and improvements;
  • Improvement: Blurry cover slider, added ability to completely remove social icons;
  • Improvement: Added missing Stockholm & Frankfurt demo, product page setting presets;
  • Improvement: Product stock management display, compatibility with other plugins;
  • Improvement (dev): Added filters to make possible disabling Rey’s menu in backend, admin menu and Elementor.
  • Improvement (dev): Applied filter on Quickview button’s html;
  • Improvement: Wide panel search, locked scroll when active (instead of closing panel when scrolling);
  • Improvement: Blurry slider, added video option to play on mobiles;
  • Improvement: search page disabled cover and absolute header;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce Social Login plugin;
  • Improvement: Load Adobe fonts inline;
  • Improvement: New option in demo importer to disable thumbnails generation, to avoid 500 internal server errors;
  • Fix: Youtube videos in various covers;
  • Fix: Multiple image thumbnails showing in admin products table;
  • Fix: Store notice sometimes causing issues with header’s height;
  • Fix: Singular settings tabs when editing product categories;
  • Fix: Fixes for product catalog Ajax variation popups;
  • Fix: Single product page tabs on mobile, horizontal scroll fix;
  • Fix: Product page, nav. position when breadcrumbs disabled;
  • Fix: Hide on scroll section, on Fixed headers, on mobiles;

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.5.3

17 Mar. 2020

  • New: WooCommerce Attributes Elementor widget – added Alphabetic display of attributes, with letters menu;
  • New: Product grid, added option to select products by attribute;
  • Improvement: Various navigation improvements;
  • Improvement: compatibility with custom post types to use Rey’s blog. In the CTP UI plugin, in the Custom Supports, add “rey-blog”.
  • Improvement: Carousel Uno – content inside new options;
  • Improvement: cover split, improved how content is vertically aligned;
  • Improvement: Added “simple” menu item style in Header navigation to disable lined menu items;
  • Improvement: Ajax-filters events namespacing;
  • Improvement: Header search element, added customisation styles for inline form;
  • Improvement: Retired page settings options in Elementor causing sync issues with options in the page settings (eg: header position, color etc.);
  • Improvement: Menu element, added menu items padding option;
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with Attribute archives;
  • Improvement: Added Current query option for Product grid;
  • Improvement: Locking header’s z-index;
  • Improvement: Product Grid element, added option to disable extra images in product;
  • Improvement: Added Select2 option Query control;
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Attributes element, added option to handpick attributes;
  • Improvement: Section background slideshow – background position control, transformed to responsive;
  • Fix: Shop sidebar sometimes being mistaken with the main sidebar;
  • Fix: WooCommerce Brands showing logo image in related products in single page;
  • Fix: Added show/hide option for discount badges in product page, and fixed showing them in related products;
  • Fix: notice if inactive Rey theme;
  • Fix: Searchbox element not selecting style;
  • Fix: default cart layout icon, not being shown in Customizer preview;
  • Fix: Menu element – Categories skin, fixed how All button is rendered;
  • Fix: Ajax variable products Select Options popup not displaying properly on homepage;
  • Fix: product slideshows prevent in search;
  • Fix: Header navigation menus stylings;
  • Fix: Product grid carousel not stretching properly sometimes;
  • Fix: Shop cover assigned per Attribute archives;
  • Fix: Distortion cover link issues;
  • Fix: On Sale filter not working;
  • Fix: Product variation swatches in product grid, not showing if more than one taxonomy;
  • Fix: Product gallery, extra variations images fix when clicking items;
  • Fix: Mega menu panels alignment issues;

Rey Theme – v1.5.2

8 Mar. 2020

  • Fix: Plugin installation errors (PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT..)

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.5.1

7 Mar. 2020

  • Fix: Plugin installation errors (theme version higher…)
  • Improvement: Made the product catalog title typography responsive;
  • Improvement: added new column utility classes to stretch themselves to the edge of the window, keeping the section container boxed;
  • Fix: Section videos not playing on mobiles sometimes;
  • Fix: Product page’s, next/prev navigation overlapping issue with the title;
  • Fix: All button in Nav element – Categories skin not being shown;
  • Fix: Product page gallery fixes on desktop & mobile;
  • Fix: Toggle boxes with Image carousel problem;

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.5.0

6 Mar. 2020

  • New: Bundled “WooCommerce Custom Fields” plugin with Rey. This plugin allows you to create custom product, checkout, order and user fields, provide and gather additional information in a structured way. More info on plugin page.
  • New: Added “Extra Variation Images” module. Variable products now support multiple images per variation.
  • New: Mobile product gallery can show thumbnails, dots navigation (over the image) and side arrows;
  • New: Removed “WC Ajax Filters” plugin and refactored Ajax Filter widgets as Rey internal module. New filter options can be found in Customizer > WooCommerce > Ajax Filters . When accessing the backend you will see a new notice that WC Ajax Filters is deprecated. Please click on the following button “Yes, proceed” to automatically migrate existing widgets to the new ones.
  • New: New ajax filtering animation – Subtle.
  • New: Added new Ajax Filter widgets, such as: In Stock, On Sale, Featured, Tags and Custom Taxonomy.
  • New: Added new option – “Apply filters” button, to be shown in filter sidebars. This feature enables you to select multiple filters and afterwards actually filter.
  • New: Filter widgets options: Custom height with scrollbar, Alphabetic menu, Search in list;
  • New: Price filter widget also display as list;
  • New: Mega menu options in Customizer > Header > Navigation. Disable hovering delays, disable hovering overlay and change the subpanels depth;
  • New: Mega menu styling options. Subpanels now support custom text color, background color or padding. These new options can be found in Menus page in the backend.
  • New: 404 page can be overridden with a Generic Global section. New option can be found in Customizer > General > 404 page;
  • New: Toggle Boxes element – added Image Carousel element support to remotely change and slide images;
  • New: Product Grid element, added Mini-grid skin, to showcase products in a much more compact format;
  • New: Heading element, new in/out parent hover styles (slide & blur);
  • New: Implemented video background on columns element, on mobile;
  • Improvement: Added utility classes selectors for Column and all widgets (list will get continuously updated); Currently added “flex-direction: column” class on Column element, to allow stacking elements vertically and be able to distance elements with margin auto;
  • New: Added Distraction-Free checkout. Basically disables the header to make checkout faster;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Elementor Theme builder, added support for “Rey – Page Builder” template layout.
  • Improvement: Added color options for Carousel UNO element;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce Brands plugin;
  • Improvement: Update system and fixed “.. cannot be updated” notice in Plugins page;
  • Improvement: Added new box in Rey Dashboard to show current versions of the theme & core plugin, and to show if new versions exists;
  • Improvement: Bundled Kirki & ACF Pro plugins into Rey Core. They can be disabled & removed as plugins;
  • Improvement: Added “in stock” label choice;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable ajax search;
  • Fix: Video post formats not showing video thumbnail in blog;
  • Fix: Product grid, mobile /tablet products per row defaults;
  • Fix: Revolution slider load issues in backend when using Adobe fonts;

Rey-Core – v1.4.6

28 Feb. 2020

  • Fix: Elementor 2.9.3 compatibility causing editor to be stuck;
  • Improvement: Improvement: Compatibility with Elementor PRO header & Footer – if one header or footer is published, it’ll automatically disable Rey’s one; Good for targeting specific locations of the site;
  • Improvement: Added method to refresh discounted product badges;
  • Improvement: Improvement: Related products in product page, now inherits default columns number;
  • Improvement: Improvement: Thumbs gallery in product page now supports “picture” tag that some plugins adds, and overwrites the image tags;
  • Improvement: Made “Sold Out” text filterable;
  • Improvement: Sticky add to cart for variable products tweak;
  • Fix: WooCommerce category description having shortened text;
  • Fix: Global sections select lists options not showing all of them;
  • Fix: Fixed header minor issues;

Rey-Core – v1.4.5

25 Feb. 2020

  • New: Added text & image badges for product items in shop catalog pages;
  • New: Added “Marquee” element;
  • New: Added new shopping bag/cart icons or simple text;
  • New: Added customization options for WooCommerce Store notice;
  • New: Product item slideshow, autoplay on hover;
  • New: Search by product SKU;
  • New: Added redirect options for login/register forms in Account panel;
  • New: Added Category & Tags as products source for After “Added to cart” popup;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce Variation Swatches PRO plugin;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin;
  • Improvement: Added fixed header activation point overridable option through filters;
  • Fix: Sticky column issues;
  • Fix: “Request a quote” form issue not sending product data;
  • Fix: Removing transient for WooCommerce color & image attributes;
  • Fix: Youtube videos aspect ratio in product description;
  • Fix: Pagination ajax loading products outside the scope;
  • Fix: Product grid element columns option on tablet and mobile;
  • Fix: Blog posts element Posts per row option & added vertical spacing option;
  • Fix: Header/Footer Customizer options missing global section sometimes;
  • Fix: Product page gallery lazy load for WPRocket & Litespeed;
  • Fix: WPML language switcher element fixed active flag;
  • Fix: Animated fixed header with hidden sections inside, closing drop-panels on scroll;
  • Fix: Issue with desktop gallery loading on mobiles;
  • Fix: Optimole plugin error;
  • Fix: Price Suffix visual issues;
  • Fix: Filters count number now being shown;
  • Fix: Wishlist page & Wrapped product skin not showing images;

Rey-Core – v1.4.4

14 Feb. 2020

  • New: Added Ajax support for Login/Register/Lost password forms;
  • New: Added “Sold Out” badge option for products out of stock;
  • Improvement: Tweaked color filters, on click will also change products variations selected color;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Advanced Product Side Chart for WooCommerce plugin, and added options to reposition the button;
  • Improvement: Missing Global sections, showing notices;
  • Improvement: Added option for product page variation on mobile to disable animate scroll to gallery;
  • Improvement: Added new logo options in Logo element, for “animated fixed” header, when enabled;
  • Improvement: Limited summary padding to desktop only;
  • Fix: Elementor 2.9.0 incompatibilities;
  • Fix: Tweak for custom content in mini cart when empty;
  • Fix: Catalog product item default skin, was not showing 2nd image;
  • Fix: Shop page title display option;
  • Fix: Social sharing icons in product page not updating;

Rey-Core – v1.4.3

11 Feb. 2020

  • New: Added option to append Global section content into the Header’s Cart Panel, when empty, eg: (in Beijing Demo) or (in London demo);
  • New: Added search form in Customizer options to improve reachability to options (eg: );
  • Improvement: creating Header & Footer global sections, to open the template library right away ( eg: ).
  • Improvement: Header – Navigation element, added option for vertical alignment;
  • Improvement: Customizer Header & Footer options UI improvements;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WP Rocket’s lazy load;
  • Improvement: Added notice if Global Section does not exists;
  • Improvement: Added swipe to split cover (new york);
  • Improvement: Added option to disable login/logout links in Header Navigation element – Mobile panel;
  • Fix: Sticky Add to cart Bar, causing issues with before & after add to cart button texts;
  • Fix: Toggle boxes element, hovering not working;
  • Fix: Price position in Product Grid element – Carousel mode, if buttons disabled;
  • Various tweaks and improvements;

Rey-Core – v1.4.2

4 Feb. 2020

  • New: Quickview popup, added option to make image contained, rather than cover;
  • Improvement: Add to cart button UI when adding to cart;
  • Improvement: After add to cart, added option to disable upsells section;
  • Improvement: Customizer options UI improvements;
  • Improvement: Account panel prevent scrolling to close panel on mobiles;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Jetpack lazy load;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Optimole and svg icon sprites;
  • Fix: Review link in product page causing blank page;
  • Fix: Missing header currency element;
  • Fix: Quickview popup inner sizing issues;
  • Fix: SKU showing (if disabled) in Quickview popup;
  • Fix: Fatal error in regards to Header Search element;
  • Fix: After add to cart popup fallback if no products available;
  • Fix: Header Fixed helper, not overlapping in certain settings configuration;
  • Fix: for sticky add to cart in certain server configuration;

Rey-Core – v1.4.1

27 Jan. 2020

  • New: Added option to limit number of thumbnails displayed in the product page gallery;
  • New: Cross-sell products in Cart page shown as carousel;
  • Improvement: Tweaked product page gallery thumbnails navigation and made it always visible for better UX;
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with YITH Request a quote plugin;
  • Improvement: Tweaked Cover skew styling;
  • Improvement: Sticky add to cart better compatibility with plugins removing the cart form;
  • Fixed: product page gallery not changing main image after thumb click;

Rey Theme & Rey-Core – v1.4.0

24 Jan. 2020

  • New: Added multiple behaviours for the Add to Cart button, after adding a product, such as:
    • Showing a popup containing various types of content, such as Up-selling products, Cross-selling products, related products. You can even add custom content and Global sections. Quick recording here.
    • Redirecting to checkout;
  • New: Added option to add custom content before & after the Add to cart button in product page;
  • New: Added option to add page covers per product category;
  • New: Added option to assign Global sections content in product pages (after product summary), per categories;
  • New: Added sticky Add to cart bar. Quick recording here.
  • New: Added ajax variation form for variable products in catalog listing. Quick recording here.
  • New: Added counter for ajax loading pagination;
  • New: Added possibility for any link to open a modal section by adding (starting) the link with “#modal-” (eg: #modal-25454).
  • New: Added new product navigation item skin – “Full”, which displays the products with their full uncropped image and uncut title;
  • New: Added compatibility with Lumise Product Designer plugin;
  • New: Added Quantity input plus minus controls. Disabled by default;
  • New: Rey Quickmenu in the admin bar;
  • New: Added option to show flag in language switcher element;
  • New: Added compatibility with YITH Request a quote plugin;
  • New: Product page navigation, added option to disable navigating only the same category;
  • New: Removed mobile restriction for masonry product grid;
  • New: Cover Skew element, added option to disable masking transitions
  • Fixed: Srcset issue with variation images in product catalog, causing the images not to change;
  • Fixed: Product variations swatches with Polylang;
  • Fixed: W3C Validator errors;
  • Fixed: Safari & iOS scrollbar issues in various panels such as Cart panel;
  • Fixed: Padding on multicolumn blog;
  • New: Added max-height option for Header Logo element;
  • Fixed: Product carousel on mobiles, “Slides to show” option;
  • New: Added option to equalize product item title heights;
  • Fixed: Litespeed cache’s lazy load on mobiles on product page gallery;
  • Fixed: Some issues with the Quickview popup;
  • Fixed: toggle options in Customizer causing jump to top;
  • Various fixes and improvements under the hood;
  • Rey Module – Side header. Various fixes.

Rey-Core – v1.3.9

13 Jan. 2020

  • Improvement: Mobile, single product page, added animation to gallery after variation attribute changes;
  • Improvement: Added possibility of showing a regular attribute (non variation based) in product listing;
  • Improvement: Product page, fullscreen skin, added custom height option;
  • Fixed: Text scroller element arrows;
  • Fixed: Quickview gallery;
  • Fixed: Review button link in product page;
  • Fixed: Star rating horizontal alignment in product listing;

Rey-Core – v1.3.8

10 Jan. 2020

  • Fixed: Issue causing Google fonts not to load properly;
  • Fixed: Issue with product page gallery causing a page crash on Android OS.

Rey Theme & Rey-Core – v1.3.7

9 Jan. 2020

  • Added: “Rey Module – Side header” plugin. The header can be displayed as a side vertical fixed bar. Access Docs & preview.
  • Improvement: Product Color attributes, added multiple color type – dual color or image;
  • Improvement: Extended product navigation options to display title & price;
  • Improvement: Mini-cart panel improvements. Also added better compatibility with Elementor PRO’s mini-cart template;
  • Improvement: Menu element on Product Categories “Skin”, added more options for parent categories & subcategories display;
  • Improvement: Rewrote code for “Ajax Add to cart on single product page” and now also supports grouped products;
  • Improvement: Rewrote code for “Product page’s gallery thumbnails” and how is showing arrows navigation;
  • Improvement: Hide product items if “Hide out of stock WooCommerce” option is enabled;
  • Fixed: Hiding wishlist stuff if Wishlist plugin is disabled;
  • Fixed: Menu navigation indicators fix;
  • Fixed: Products per row option refresh in Customizer;
  • General fixes & small improvements;

Rey Theme & Rey-Core – v1.3.6

30 Dec. 2019

  • Improvement: Product page gallery, zoom functionality;
  • Improvement: Laptop resolution visual improvements;
  • Improvement: Support for subcategories to inherit parent category page cover;
  • Fixed: Select2 select fields styling issues in Checkout form;
  • Fixed: Product page gallery, not updating Lightbox if variation image changed;
  • Fixed: Product listing items with color attributes not updating image;
  • Fixed: Split Cover videos on mobiles;

Rey Core – v1.3.5

  • Improvement: Added option to hide product meta in single product page;
  • Improvement: Product item’s slideshow in catalogue;
  • Improvement: Product Grid Carousel buttons display;
  • Improvement: Panels Cover, adjusted height for 1366x768px res;
  • Improvement: Panels Cover, added ability to show images on mobile (and more);
  • Improvement: Split Cover, added ability to show images on mobile (and more);
  • Improvement: Added ending text for ajax load more products;
  • Improvement: Added responsive option for Overlapping content, on Header Fixed & Absolute positions, in Customizer and product page settings;
  • Improvement: Added the ability to select number on focusing the quantity input;
  • Fixed: Checkout payment title;
  • Fixed: WooCommerce notices inline lists;
  • Fixed: Full height mobile menu panel in Sticky Top Global section;
  • Fixed: Single product page’s blocks, not showing titles;
  • Fixed: Single product page’s mobile gallery when having a single image;
  • Various improvements under the hood.

Rey Core & Rey Theme – v1.3.4

  • Improvement: Animated Fixed Header and compatibility with Overlap Content option
  • Improvement: Added option to disable Ajax Add To Cart functionality, to increase compatibility with other plugins that run their own Ajax ATC system;
  • Improvement: Added Logo Width & Height options (for non-Elementor Default header);
  • Improvement: Header Nav. element added submenu indicators;
  • Improvement: Cover Split Slider functionality improvements.
  • Improvement: Page Cover fix and improvement with GoDaddy hosting;
  • Improvement: Header elements, added color picker option for their icons;
  • Improvement: Single product page, added option to disable Breadcrumbs or enable Home link;
  • Fixed: Cover Split Slider images on mobile.
  • Fixed: Mini-cart display in certain configurations with some plugins;
  • Fixed: Infinite scrolling issues;
  • Fixed: Account panel for sticky global section;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements;

Rey Core – v1.3.3

  • Improvement: Mini-cart panel;
  • Improvement: Split slider minor tweaks;
  • Improvement: Header Navigation element, added controls to customize submenus;
  • Improvement: Cover system;
  • Fixed: Assets path for WooCommerce (rating stars, loader etc.);
  • Fixed: Elementor PRO sticky section not showing header dropdown menus;
  • Fixed: Sticky header with fixed product summary overlapping;

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.3.2

  • Improvement: Tweaks for payment box and Stripe credit card fields;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Elementor PRO’s product listing widgets;
  • Improvement: Quickview panel add to card button now opens Cart panel;
  • Fixed: Compatibility improvement with WPRocket css minifier trimming 0px var values;
  • Fixed: Cover in shop categories;
  • Fixed: Sections with no-gaps selected;
  • Fixed: product item slideshows in Elementor edit mode;
  • Fixed: Load more pagination in Product Grid element;

Rey Core – v1.3.1

  • Fixed: Vertical spacing between product items;

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.3.0

  • Added: New demo Frankfurt . Visit at .
  • Added: Double Slider cover element;
  • Added: Hotspots element;
  • Added: Sale Badge element;
  • Added: Cards skin for product items in listing;
  • Added: Stamp element. Preview here.
  • Added: Inline search form layout for headers;
  • Improvement: Moved all WooCommerce’s assets into Rey-core.
  • Improvement: Added option with the ability to add/remove social sharing icons for product pages.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Elementor PRO’s Header & Footer system.
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with `Schema & Structured Data for WP` plugin.
  • Improvement: Added Order option for columns;
  • Improvement: Sticky header, added section options for Fixed Sticky header.
  • Improvement: Added dynamic background for Section elements;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable “Position” absolute or fixed states, on mobile;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable section background gradients on mobile;
  • Improvement: Header – Navigation element. Added multiple customisation options and hover styles, as well as customisations for Mobile panel;
  • Improvement: Menu element, new hover style and various improvements;
  • Improvement: Modals & Button element, ability to define a custom text in Button and replace a text within the modal;
  • Improvement: Instagram element various tweaks;
  • Improvement: Added option to disable title in Tabs panels;
  • Improvement: Cover split slider (New York) added option to disable main slide or the surrounding edges (full-screen);
  • Improvement: New customisation options for Blurry Cover slider (from Milano demo);
  • Improvement: Added close button option to sticky global sections;
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Litespeed’s plugin lazy load;
  • Improvement: Added custom background position settings for section background slideshow;
  • Improvement: Added possibility for Product Section Carousel to use existing the parent section’s carousel;
  • General improvements.
  • Fixed: Loading preview on Youtube videos in various cover elements;
  • Fixed: Page cover on categories, not showing the proper assigned cover.
  • Fixed: Account panel position when scrolling the page;
  • Fixed: Invalid JSON error when saving pages in the backend;
  • Fixed: Menu element in mega menus spacing;
  • Fixed: category display for Wrapped product skins;

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.2.4

  • Improvement: Added structured data support for Brands;
  • Improvements for YITH compare plugin;
  • Improvement: Wrapped product skin;
  • Fixed: Shop sidebar – disabled option;
  • Fixed: Top Filter bar display;
  • Fixed: Related & Up-sells listing in product page;
  • Fixed: PHP error when Wishlist plugin is disabled;
  • Minor CSS tweaks.

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.2.3

Please make sure to update both theme & core plugin.

  • Improved: Rewrite of component loading in products catalog listing. This change was needed for upcoming product item skins. This change should be invisible, but if you notice anything, please let me know.
  • Extra fixes for YITH Compare plugin;
  • Fixed JS error, applicable in Stockholm demo.

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.2.2

  • Added: Compatibility with Schema plugin;
  • Added: Compatibility with Multi Currency for WooCommerce plugin;
  • Added: Compatibility with Advanced Product Size Charts for WooCommerce plugin;
  • Improved: Added header menu badges CSS classes. More on how to add them in this article .
  • Improved: Added header menu horizontal spacing option;
  • Improved: Schema use in various tags;
  • Improved: Display of required plugin notice when One Click Demo Import plugin is deactivated. The other plugins ACF, Kirki & Rey Core will keep nagging.
  • Fixed: Admin JS error;
  • Fixed: Cart panel big images;
  • Fixed: YITH Compare various fixes;

Rey Core – v1.2.1

  • Improved: Distortion Cover load & display;
  • Fixed: Distortion cover disabled state.

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.2.0

  • Added: New demo Stockholm . Visit at .
  • Added: Request Quote button + Contact Form modal. Can be activated in Customizer > WooCommerce > Products Page – Components > Request Quote . Check online here .
  • Added: Animated Shrinking Sticky header. Unlike Sticky Top – Global sections option, this will make the header animate itself smaller. Option can be enabled in Customizer > Header > General > Header position – Fixed + Shrink on scroll. No code is required, but for customizations please visit this article .
  • Added: Rey Quick menu in Elementor bottom left bar to improve workflow eg: .
  • Added: Element Manager. Quickly disable any Rey element if you don’t want it to load in Elementor edit mode.
  • Added: New product grid skins: Metro, Masonry, Scattered, with variations. New demos coming soon!
  • Added: Slideshow for product thumbnails in Shop/Product listing page. Can be activated in Customizer > WooCommerce > Products Catalog – Layout > Extra Images Display .
  • Added: Distortion Cover element. Display an image slideshow with incredible transitions. Visit Stockholm demo.
  • Added: Distortion HoverBox element. Display an imagebox with incredible transitions. Visit Stockholm demo.
  • Added compatibility with: Nextend Social Login plugin. You can add a Facebook or other social media “Sign up with..” button.
  • Added compatibility with: YITH Compare plugin.
  • Added compatibility with: WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin.
  • Improvement: Added option to exclude certain product categories from main shop page;
  • Improvement: Width & Max-width options to Header Logo element.
  • Improvement: Menu element: Added custom title + toggle on mobiles.
  • Improvement: Account header element, custom text when logged in.
  • Improvement: Custom height for Uncropped thumbnails;
  • Improvement: Product grid element – added content alignment option;
  • Improvement: Product grid element – added custom image height option for Uncropped images;
  • Improvement: Product grid element – added vertical alignment for Uncropped images;
  • Improvement: Sticky Top Content compatibility;
  • Improvement: General improvements for Product loop;
  • Improved: Added option for Catalog Mode, to disable ecommerce functionality for Variable products too.
  • Improvement: Added Quickvew icon instead of text in product listing;
  • Improvement: Mega menu panels distance from parent menu item;
  • Improvement: Added AJAX add to cart in product page;
  • Improvement: Nest Cover element, made lines visible on mobiles;
  • Improvement: Increased Quickview panel thumbnail limit to 5 visible thumbs.
  • Fixed: Product Listing Item skin option in Customizer was empty.
  • Fixed: Global Section type list not updating itself.
  • Fixed: Cyrillic text enconding for sections having slideshow background enabled.
  • Fixed: ToggleBoxes element links;
  • Fixed: Fatal error with Product listing, Default skin;
  • Fixed: Product page image gallery;
  • Fixed: select2 filters conflict;
  • Customizer UI improvements;
  • General minor fixes and improvements;

Rey Module – FullScreen Menu v1.1.0

  • Added: multiple display options for FullScreen menu trigger element;
  • Fixed: Fatal error

Rey Module – Preloaders Pack v1.0.1

  • Improvement: responsive display;

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.1.1

  • Added: Categories support (taxonomy) for Global sections. It can be enabled from Rey theme > Settings > Misc – Enable Global sections categories.
  • Improvements for Vertical & Horizontal Gallery thumbnails in product page;
  • Improvement: Switched Quickview & Wishlist AJAX requests, from WP-Rest to WP-Ajax.;
  • Improvements when Rey Theme is not active, but Rey-core is.

Rey Theme & Rey Core – v1.1.0

  • Added: Template library with pages, sections and pretty much any Elementor editable content. Simply edit a page with Elementor and you will notice the “rey” button. Follow this article for more info.
  • Added: Custom CSS editor for sections. Insert selector and media queries with just a click.
  • Added: WordPress dashboard shortcut in Elementor’s bottom toolbar. I usually need to quickly access the backend and i thought it would be useful for others too. Eg: .
  • Added: Primary & Secondary font family option in Customizer > General > Typography. This is a good way of assigning font-family into the options, without the need of changing all other Typography options.
  • Added custom CSS class option per page on the body tag. You can add a custom CSS class without the need of php filters on body_class. Simply access the page’s settings or when in Elementor, click on Page settings and look in the Utilities section.
  • Improved: Added custom logo when opening the Wide style Search panel;
  • Improved: Skew section element;
  • Improved: Site & Content padding options forcing to add unit.
  • Improved: Added guiding notice in backend’s menu items, for missing Mega-menu options, because they’re only available for Main-menu only.
  • Improved: Split-slider, added option to change initial color (on the main slide);
  • Improved: Content block in product page now supports shortcodes;
  • Fixed & Improved: 1366×768 resolution;
  • Fixed: Header colors;
  • Fixed: Older versions of Revolution slider;
  • Fixes for stretched sections;
  • Fixed: Skew cover element on lower resolutions;
  • Fixed: Sticky column option on resolutions between 1025px and 1440px;
  • Various minor fixes and improvements;

Rey Core v1.0.12

  • Added: Tabs layout for Product page;
    Added: Option to make product description togglable with a “read more” button;
    Added: Option to fully stretch Description block, in product page;
  • Improved: My Account component in Header now supports only showing wishlist, along with a header icon. Good use case when you enabled Catalog mode.
  • Fixed: Showing wishlist in QuickView (Catalog mode);
  • Fixed: Fatal error when enabling Categories for products in listing;
  • Improved: Menu element’s – Product categories skin, to support automatic displaying of sub-categories;
  • Improved: Product page gallery performance.
  • Fixed: Product page’s fixed summary layout not sticking properly.
  • Fixed: Sticky Header global section over Quick view panel;
  • Fixed: Global section list in Elementor edit mode’s Page settings, not storing the data when revisions are autosaved;
  • Improved: Compatibility with WooCommerce Tabs Manager plugin;
  • Improved: Various conditions & checks;
  • Fixed: Safari iOS bottom bar overlapping header’s floating panels;
  • Fixed: Menu items scroll on mobiles;

Rey Theme v1.0.8

  • Added Tabs layout in product page ;
  • Improved: Sticky Header Global section text color inheritance;
  • Improved: Text inputs on mobiles no longer zooming in;
  • General improvements and compatibility with Rey-Core plugin;

Rey Core v1.0.11

  • Fixed: Page settings in Elementor not showing under certain circumstances;
  • Improvement: Thumbnails in product page gallery better interaction and display;
  • Fixed: Search’s Wide panel not showing;
  • Improvement: Wishlist panel’s overall display;
  • Improvement: Header’s account icon can be changed to a “heart” when using for Wishlist;
  • Improvement: QuickView panel, removed “View product details” link and instead wrapped the title in a link;
  • Improvement: QuickView panel, added option for showing Specifications (additional information) table.
  • Fixed: Hide Account menu if site is in Catalogue mode.

Rey Theme v1.0.7

  • Improved: API calls for theme version check (for updates) much faster.

Rey Core v1.0.10

  • Fixed: Changing Global sections in Elementor Page settings panel.

Rey Core v1.0.9

  • Fixed: Header’s “Account” issues not showing count number.
  • Fixed: Instagram element compatibility with Instagram Widget plugin latest versions.

Rey Core v1.0.8

  • Added: Product page layout presets. If you have imported a demo, but want other demo’s product page layout, it’s now easy to configure it, just by selecting the demo’s preset, in Customizer > WooCommerce > Product Page – Layout.
  • Improved: Display of Wishlist icon in Basic Skin product layout;
  • Fixed: Sticky Global Sections – top content with Header, had most of its components broken due to the fact they were thought as single instance. Now they’re multi-instance and can be used in sticky headers, or elsewhere.
  • Improved: Added select list option for Global Sections when editing a global section in Elementor. Good if you mistakenly selected in backend, or changed your mind.
  • Fixed: Header’s shopping cart icon showing up on catalogue mode.
  • Improved: Added option to override logo in page settings (also in Elementor page settings).

Rey Theme v1.0.6

  • Fixed: Sticky Global Sections (see details above in Rey-core update notes).
  • Improved: Added extra checks and conditions for various data types.

Rey Core v1.0.7

  • Improved: API responses storage, moved to option from transient, because transient don’t seem to be reliable on all types of servers.
  • Fixed: Sticky Global section showing up while editing other Global sections.
  • Fixed: Minor fix for sidebar filter.

Rey Theme v1.0.5

  • Improved: API responses storage, moved to option from transient, because transient don’t seem to be reliable on all types of servers.
  • Improved: Made the “required plugins” notice dismissable for one hour, rather than always showing up.

Rey Core v1.0.6

  • Added: Rey Module – Multisite updates as separate plugin. This is a helper tool for Multisite installations to enable update notification only when Rey theme isn’t used on the main site.
  • Fixed: Text domain wasn’t consistent across all code.
  • Fixed: JS error in Instagram element when trying to use more than 6 items;
  • Fixed: Menu Navigation element not showing options, if WooCommerce plugin is not active.
  • Fixed: JS error that was caused by the newly added Fancy Menu element.

Rey Theme v1.0.4

  • Fixed: Text domain wasn’t consistent across all code.
  • Improvement: Support for update information changelog. When there’s a new update, you can click on “View x.x.x version details” and this changelog will be shown.
  • Improvement: Reformulated the error notice “Response from API server seems to be empty, please try again.” when communication with API server is not working.

Rey Core v1.0.5

  • Added: Rey Module – Preloaders Pack . This adds 14 new preloader animations. Read more in this article .
  • Added: Automatic Splash Modals in Elementor. You can now program a modal section to automatically splash on any give page scroll, time, or page exit intent. Read more here .
  • Added: Off-Canvas Shop Sidebar on Mobiles. The shop sidebar filled with filters, can now be hidden off-canvas, and triggered on demand.
  • Compatibility improvements for Rey Module – Preloaders Pack.

Rey Theme v1.0.3

  • Compatibility improvements for Rey Module – Preloaders Pack.
  • Fixed non-blocking JS error;

Rey Core v1.0.3

  • Added: Fullscreen Menu – Rey Module ( as separate plugin ).
    This is a super flexible addon that enables you to trigger a fullscreen animated panel, in which you can add just a navigation or basically any Elementor element you want. Read this article on how to install & setup the Fullscreen Menu.
  • Added: Fancy Menu.
    Vertical menu that animates itself beautifully when accessing sub-menus.
  • Added: Compatibility with Elementor PRO custom fonts.
  • Fixed: Shopping cart in Header is now clickable in Cart & Checkout pages.
  • Fixed: Container width for VW & Full-width layouts.
  • Improved: Checkout progress bar. Added possibility of showing number steps instead of icon symbols.
  • Fixed: Add to cart shown in Variable products in Catalogue Mode (which disables e-commerce functionality).
  • Fixed: Load more products Ajax Button.
  • Various CSS improvements.

Rey Theme v1.0.2

  • Added: Link to refresh (sync) plugins manually (to be found in Themes > Install Plugins ).
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with WPRocket (CSS Trimming “0px”);
  • Fixed: Navigation menu not shown on mobiles for a specific configuration;
  • Various CSS improvements;

Rey Core v1.0.3

  • Added: Fullscreen Menu – Rey Module ( as separate plugin ).
    This is a super flexible addon that enables you to trigger a fullscreen animated panel, in which you can add just a navigation or basically any Elementor element you want. Read this article on how to install & setup the Fullscreen Menu.
  • Added: Fancy Menu.
    Vertical menu that animates itself beautifully when accessing sub-menus.
  • Added: Compatibility with Elementor PRO custom fonts.
  • Fixed: Shopping cart in Header is now clickable in Cart & Checkout pages.
  • Fixed: Container width for VW & Full-width layouts.
  • Improved: Checkout progress bar. Added possibility of showing number steps instead of icon symbols.
  • Fixed: Add to cart shown in Variable products in Catalogue Mode (which disables e-commerce functionality).
  • Fixed: Load more products Ajax Button.
  • Various CSS improvements.

Rey Theme v1.0.2

  • Added: Link to refresh (sync) plugins manually (to be found in Themes > Install Plugins ).
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with WPRocket (CSS Trimming “0px”);
  • Fixed: Navigation menu not shown on mobiles for a specific configuration;
  • Various CSS improvements;

Rey Theme v1.0.1

  • Added forced deregistration tool url in the “Already registered purchase code” notice.
    This is helpful in case your site is reset with a tool such as Wp-Reset plugin.

Rey Core v1.0.3

  • Added Sticky Global Sections. You can now easily publish Elementor content and set it as sticky, for example a header. Here’s an article on How to create a Sticky Header .
  • Minor fixes.


Initial release.