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Currently the only way of showing Instagram Feeds with Rey is to use the built-in “Instagram” Elementor widget. More info about this element here .

The element however is dependent on a stable connection to Instagram’s API, which can be done in two ways.

The first one is to just generate an Access Token (described below), which at first seems to be a bit hard, but it only takes a couple of minutes.

The second way is to install a separate plugin which Rey uses as an “engine” to pull the feeds. The plugin is friendly and it’s easier to connect, however it also adds code complexity, loads various assets and basically has a footprint in the overall site loading performance.

Generate Access Tokens

Below is a video tutorial that explains how to generate the token.

It’s odd, it’s difficult, but it is what it is.

Other tutorials:

Install WPZoom Social Feeds plugin

An alternative way of connecting and showing Instagram Feeds, is to install the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget & Block plugin.

It’s a complex plugin with a friendly interface however it can have an impact on site performance.

Rey uses this plugin as an “engine” to pull the feeds and show them into the Instagram widget for Elementor.

Migrating from WPZoom Social Feeds plugin to Rey’s Access Token

In case you’re running WPZoom Social Feeds plugin and already have it setup you can migrate to Rey’s access token in a click.

Please access Rey theme > Settings > Integrations and locate the “Migrate the Access Token” button eg: and click it. This will migrate the access token and deactivate WPZoom Social Feeds plugin.

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