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This slider is based on Revolution Slider plugin. This unfortunately limits it to have an individual type of importing and adding into the page, not possible through the Template Library.

Please follow these steps:

Install & Activate Revolution Slider

Access Appearance > Install plugins, locate Revolution slider and click Install. It’ll automatically install and active it.

Import the slider package

Open the Rey package you downloaded from ThemeForest and inside it, access exports/revolution-slider/ . After you located the zip, access your site’s backend and look for Revolution Slider menu, and hit Manual Import option.

Locate zip

Add it into the page via Elementor

Edit and existing page with Elementor or create a new one.

Create a section and inside it add the element Revolution slider, in which you’ll need to select the already imported slider.

Add slider element into the page

To make the slider go under the header, make sure to configure the Header’s position eg:

Make header overlap the slider.
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