Adding reCatpcha to forms

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We generally recommend plugins such as Advanced Google reCAPTCHA (free) to include reCAPTCHA protection to your store.

Also a great companion and actually very recommended, is WordFence (also free) which includes a live firewall and protects against various threats.

We recommend external plugins because these are developed and maintained by specialists in web security, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest security measures against spam and automated abuse. Additionally, external reCaptcha solutions are widely used and tested across millions of websites, which not only makes them robust but also improves their ability to detect new threats more effectively.

Using these plugins also provides you with more features and flexibility, such as adjustable security settings and detailed analytics on traffic and interception. This allows for a tailored approach that fits your specific needs, enhancing both the protection and functionality of your site without compromising on user convenience.

We’re also using WordFence and Advanced Google reCAPTCHA on our websites.

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