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If you’re encountering API connection problems you won’t be able to use some of Rey’s features such as importing demos, importing templates or installing and updating Rey’s plugins.

This issue usually happens because Rey’s API server rejects requests from your website’s server, or is rejected by your website server.

Typically the most common error is “cURL error 28: Connection timed out”. There’s an article about it here with all sorts of suggestions to fix the problem, but in most cases it’s a firewall problem, either on Rey’s server or your website’s server.

Please contact your hosting’s support and ask them exactly this question:

Is my website’s server rejecting requests towards https://api.reytheme.com/ ?

If it’s not the case, please submit a new support request and report this issue and make sure to provide the following information:

We will also investigate on our end if your website’s server IP is blocked by its firewall.

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