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By default WooCommerce adds 3 tabs/blocks:

  • Description – which is the product description;
  • Additional informations (renamed in Rey as Specifications) – automatically filled with product attributes;
  • Reviews – product reviews.

Rey adds a custom tab/block called “Custom Information“, which can contain any content, and can be edited globally (in Customizer eg: ) or individually per product (in product backend, Info Block tab eg: ).

For all of these tabs/blocks, please access Customizer > WooCommerce > Product page – Tabs/Blocks and you can find various options to customize, change order, or rename.

Add Custom tabs/blocks:

Please access Customizer > WooCommerce > Product page – Tabs/Blocks and scroll at the bottom where you can see the Custom tabs control that lets you add as many as you want eg: . You can add a default title and a priority order value.

To actually add content in this tab, navigate to a product page in the backend and open the Custom Tabs tab eg: . You can change its title and its content.

Add Accordions (or as tabs layout) in product summary:

Simply access Customizer > WooCommerce > Product Page – Tabs/Blocks and scroll at the very bottom where you can choose which tab/block to move into the Product summary accordions block.

Quick video screencast here (or thos one to place a global section, for all products )

To control various parameters, please use this custom php snippet:

add_filter('rey/main_script_params', function( $params ){
	// control accordion animation speed (default 250ms)
	$params['acc_animation'] = 250; 
	// scroll to top when clicking on accordion items (default disabled)
	$params['acc_scroll_top'] = false; 
	// if scroll to top enabled, specify if only on mobile (default only on mobiles)
	$params['acc_scroll_top_mobile_only'] = true; 
	return $params;
}, 20);
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