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This feature will allow creating new Sidebar positions which can be assigned to specific locations of the site, and can inherit a default sidebar’s properties.

The default sidebars are:

  • Shop sidebar (basic, left/right)
  • Filter panel sidebar (offcanvas panel which can hold widgets and react to filtering)
  • Top Bar sidebar (positioned above the product grid sidebar, mainly for dropdown widgets)

To create one or more sidebars simply access Customizer > WooCommerce > Product catalog > Grid Components > Custom sidebar and locate the options eg: . You will then see the end result in Appearance > Widgets eg: .

In the example above the “Jackets sidebar” will be shown only on Jackets category, overriding the primary sidebar’s widgets.

This is a useful tool for larger stores with hierarchical structure of the categories, with main parent ones. Or Attribute archives which need specific filters.

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