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Here’s a few tips to work faster with Rey theme and Elementor.

Use the Template Library

Whenever you’re editing an Elementor page, you can see the “rey” button in the editing rectangle. Clicking it will open a panel with all templates available. This will make your design building process much faster.

Use Duplicate Post plugin

This simple tool allows cloning posts & pages. It’s a great utility when you don’t want to start something from scratch and just want to modify an existing one.

Use Elementor copy/paste

Use Elementor’s Copy / Paste features to duplicate elements or just styles. Simply right click and copy any element and paste where ever you want.

You can also copy an entire page by right clicking on the “Add new section area” at the bottom and selecting Copy All Content.

[need screenshot]

Use Elementor’s Navigator tool

This handy tool comes in handy in all sorts of situations when you want a birds eye over your content. Here’s a quick video .

Click on the 2nd icon from the left to open the Navigator panel.

Hover “Edit with Elementor” admin bar button

You will be able to identify what Global sections are assigned to this page. In this specific example, we have the site Header and Footer, 2 mega menu global sections and a Page cover (the block coming after the site header is rendered).

Hover the “Edit with Elementor” button
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2 Replies to “Tips to Design & Work faster with Rey”

  1. Dorian Holmes

    Elementor not working

    1. Marius H[ Post Author ]

      Hi Dorian,

      Can you try the suggestions from this article . The most common Elementor issue when it’s not possible to edit the page, it’s likely a memory exhaustion issue.

      PS: Please use this form to submit a ticket request. Thanks!

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