Dynamic Tags for Elementor

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To enable, please access Modules Manager and enable Dynamic Tags for Elementor .

This powerful feature allows building dynamic templates and layouts based on individual data pulled from posts, products, categories, terms, archives etc.

This feature works pretty much the same as Elementor PRO’s dynamic tags feature so if you want to learn much more, you can visit Elementor’s documentation for Dynamic Tags.

Unlike Elementor PRO’s built in tags, Rey’s ones are a bit more diverse and geared a bit towards Ecommerce. If you have suggestions for specific tags, please let us know.

Quick video recording https://d.pr/v/HZSTFU .

Basically, in Elementor editor’s elements, wherever you see the Dynamic icon eg: https://d.pr/i/Tw7iLx which will display a list of the available tags in several groups (Posts, Archive, WooCommerce, Site and Advanced Custom Fields ). By the way, ACF Pro is bundled with Rey so you don’t need to purchase a separate license.

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