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Elementor’s page settings can be opened clicking on the far bottom-left corner “gear” icon eg: https://d.pr/i/3q6pb2 .

Rey extends the settings with the following options:

Page layout > Rey – Page builder

In this list, there’s a dedicated template for editing the page with Elementor. When creating pages with Elementor, always try to enable this.

Read more about this topic.

Stretch page

This option will stretch the entire page full viewport-wide. You can increase the container’s width in Customizer > General > Layout options, but this setting will apply stretching only on the particular page you’re editing.

Header Settings

These options will customize the site header for this page only, overriding the values pre-defined in Customizer > Header > General options.

These options are in sync with the “Singular settings” block of options in the backend editing side of the page.

Same as Header’s settings above, but for site footer.

Edit mode settings

These helper buttons come in need when editing in Elementor.

Hide Global Sections Overlay button will hide the overlays over global sections (eg: header, footer etc.).

Hide Header button will hide the header (dim & unclickable) if the header’s position is set to Absolute or Fixed. That’s because the content falls under it, and section’s editing handles cannot be reached.

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