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This functionality works almost exactly the same as “WooCommerce Additional Variation Images” plugin, even better because it’s optimised to support a wide range of gallery styles and options.

If you access a product’s variation, you’ll notice a button called “Add extra images”:

As you can see, by default the module is disabled, so you’ll first need to access Customizer > WooCommerce > Product Page – Layout and enable the “Extra Variation images” module eg: https://d.pr/i/xN1Pwa .

Use “WC. Additional Variation images” storing key

In case you used WooCommerce Additional Variation images plugin on the site prior installing Rey and already have products that have loaded images through it, you can keep using that same storage, with Rey, by adding this code snippet:

add_filter('reycore/module/extra_variation_images', function($settings){
	$settings['key'] = '_wc_additional_variation_images';
	return $settings;

Using this, you can safely disable WooCommerce Additional Variation images plugin. Even if you disable Rey in the future, you can switch back to this plugin.

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