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Fullscreen Menu Rey Module is an alternative to conventional site navigations. It’s represented by a generic “hamburger icon” that is shown in the header. Upon clicking, it triggers a sliding animated panel with a navigation (by default), or a Global Section.


Please access Appearance > Install Plugins, where you will find Rey Module – Fullscreen Menu plugin listed eg: https://d.pr/i/SHAtsR . Simply install & activate.


  • Elementor plugin
  • Rey Core plugin
  • Rey Theme


To enable, you’ll first need to access Customizer > Header > Fullscreen Navigation.

Fullscreen navigation options.

You can select the 2 types of content:

  • Menu navigation
  • Global section

Content type – Menu

This will simply display a navigation that you choose, and will allow adding an image (logo) above it.

Content type – Global Section

This is where it gets interesting. This enables you to create a Generic Global Section, which can contain pretty much any type of Elementor element. Sky’s the limit!

So, first head up to Rey Theme > Global Sections, create a new Generic Global section . After you’re done editing, go back to Customizer and select the section you just created. Read more on how to create Generic global sections.

The menu navigation recommended to be used is called Fancy Menu. Make sure you’re using this one when adding the navigation in the Global section.

Adding the icon in custom Elementor Headers

Look for the element called Fullscreen Nav. Icon . It’s a basic element with no options except the icon’ color.

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