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To get your purchase code, simply access Rey Theme’s ThemeForest page, and access the Support tab, in which you can find the purchase code(s) listed, right under the “Go to item support” button.

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4 Replies to “Getting your purchase code”

  1. Ray

    Subject: Demo menu and other …..not working on iphone and android phone

    Was thinking of buying but was checking Stockholm Demo menu not working … Tokyo section for example (men/women/kids) appearing as 6 blocks (scrolling down)… Any way the beautiful layouts on the iphone/android are gone… Is there a fix?

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]

      Hey! Just tested the Stockholm demo on both desktop and mobile and the menu seemed to work fine. As for Tokyo, believe me i would’ve loved to find ways to display a similar layout, however it’s too narrow and scrolling is the most powerful mobile usable action so it just makes more sense to display the content without the bells and whistles to offer a better experience (not necessarily visually appealing).

  2. andrew

    Is not having a pre-sales option on your website – and forcing ppl to enter the code before being able to post you their pre-sales question, which they cannot, an error? I wonder if you’re missing sales. For example, id like to buy, if I can get a resolution on the following….
    – In all your demos, the add to cart link only appears upon mouseover, which is not ideal UX. Is it possible to add 2 permanent buttons to each product, being a ‘add to cart’ plus a direct ‘buy now button (skipping cart and proceeding directly to checkout)?
    – Is it possible to style add to cart as buttons rather than links (in elementor or natively)?
    – does the carousel feature have a user controller – so they can scroll/click left or right?
    – on the product page the quantity up and down arrows are far too small UI wise – do we have the ability to change this?
    – on the product page – is it possible to add a ‘type’ for example large or small, and display different price options for each choice?
    – on the product page – is it possible to add buy now with Gpay button and bypass part of the checkout?
    – can delete the coupon text, and additional delivery text boxes from the checkout?
    – Mini Cart – the view cart button is superfluous – I can just delete this and have a larger checkout button, right?

    1. Marius H[ Post Author ]

      Hi Andrew,

      Sorry to hear you got confused by the forms. The support form is mainly for support requests for existing customers, while pre-sales questions are usually posted at where Rey is sold. I’ve noted to add a new question type inside the support form too for pre-sales questions.

      Onto your questions:

      1) The mouseover effect can be disabled, however the Buy now button cannot be added inside the catalog, only into the product page. I could try providing a custom snippet to make this feature available.
      2) Yes it’s possible.
      3) Generally yes.
      4) There are multiple control styles eg: . In case you need some tweaks, i could try providing a custom css snippet.
      5) Not sure but believe you’re referring to product variations? If so, yes, it’s possible.
      6) These are payment gateway features. As far as i know Stripe payment plugin has this ability.
      7) Not sure i understood this one properly though. You mean customizing the checkout form to remove the coupon form? If so, yes, it’s possible. As for additional text, do you mean additional shipping choices?
      8) Yes, it’s possible.


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