How to create generic global sections?

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To clarify, generic sections don’t have a specific purpose and can contain any page builder content and can be assigned almost everywhere in the site.

To create a new generic global section:

  • Access Rey Theme > Global Sections
  • Hit Add new.
  • Select “Generic” in the Type option
  • Publish the page
  • Hit Edit with Elementor
  • Add elements.

Assigning generic global sections through entire the site:

You can assign global sections globally by accessing Customizer > General > Global sections.

Assign global sections globally
  • Create a new one by hitting “New Section”
  • Select the section
  • Select its position in the site

The available positions are:

  • Before Site Wrapper
  • Before Header
  • After Header
  • Before Site Container
  • After Site Container
  • Before Footer
  • After Footer
  • After Site Wrapper

It’s really up to one’s imagination what can create with this feature.

Assigning generic global sections into a page/post:

While editing a page/post in the backend, seek the “Singular Settings” panel with options at the bottom, and open the Advanced tab.

Elementor – Global Section element

You can also add global sections as elements when editing a page with the page builder, eg:

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