How to create Headers

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To create a new header:

  • Access Rey Theme > Global Sections
  • Hit Add new.
  • Select “Header” in the Type option.
  • Publish the page
  • Hit Edit with Elementor
  • Add elements from the Header elements group, or use the Template Library and import a header.
Select Header in the Type option and click on Edit with Elementor.

Markup 2020-09-30 at 19.03.32.png
Click on the “rey” button

Markup 2020-09-30 at 19.04.31.png
Click on Headers.

Globally assign the newly created Header global section?

Simply access Customizer > Header > General and you should be able to pick the header you just created.

Choose a Header global section in Customizer.

How to change the header global section per page?

Edit the page you want to change the header on, and look for the Header settings, where you can pick the header itself, text color fallback and position.

Choose the header per page individually.

How does header positioning work?

Please follow this article .

How to create a sticky header?

Please follow this article .

Tips & Tricks for creating headers

When creating headers, try as much as you can to use elements inline, in a single column, aligning them either left or right horizontally, and centered vertically. They will flow more naturally vs. adding columns for each element.

For example here’s a quick screencast how to position elements inline to fit well in a single column .

Note: Longer format YouTube tutorials are coming soon.

Why is clicking disabled on header components in Edit mode?

For example clicking on Menu items or Search box.

Because it’s not stable and conflicts with Elementor’s actions. Hopefully i’ll find solutions in the future to enable clicking.

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  1. Rick

    For example here’s a quick screencast how to position elements inline to fit well in a single column .

    The above would not load in a month of Sundays. That’s a quant old saying meaning its fucked.

    Its really helpful to have these links to the editor panels because for new kids like me for whom this stuff is not something they have been doing for the last five years it helps to visualise what you are saying. Hopefully then when I get to that panel I will remember what it was you said to do. Hopefully.

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]

      Hey Rick,

      On my end the video seems to load fine. Here’s another link you could download the vid .


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