How to create page covers?

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To create a new cover:

  • Access Rey Theme > Global Sections
  • Hit Add new.
  • Select “Page Cover” in the Type option eg: .
  • Publish the page
  • Hit Edit with Elementor
  • Add elements.

Assigning covers globally:

To assign page covers globally for various types of posts or taxonomies (categories), please access Customizer > Page cover and access the desired panel eg: Pages, Blog (posts, categories, blog homepage) or even WooCommerce’s Shop page, categories or products. More on these settings here .

Assign covers to individual pages (posts, taxonomies):

For either one of these, simply access it in backend and look for the page settings panel, for example on pages and posts:

Select the page cover.

Or for taxonomies like categories:

Select the Page cover in Category pages.

How to create a Cover containing a dynamic title/description/image

We’re going to use Dynamic Tags for Elementor .

Let’s say for example you want to create a Cover which is published on Product Categories.

Simply make sure to use the dynamic handle for either Heading, Text widget or Image ex: .

Here’s a quick video recording .

Tip: If you want to visually “shorten” the text, make use of Toggle Text option in the Text element style settings ex: .

Import page covers from other demos

You can use Rey’s template library to import other Covers from different demos eg: .

How to assign a page cover to product categories

After you created the page cover global section, head over to Customizer > Page Cover > WooCommerce (Shop) and you can assign it for all product categories or selectively eg: .

There’s also the possibility of building a Rey Custom Template for Product categories and either use the Global section element, or just add the content directly inside the template.

How to create a subcategories menu inside the page cover

Edit the Cover global section with Elementor and make use of the Menu element. Inside you can set the Skin on Product Categories eg: . You can set a specific category selection or automatic based on the Selection choice .

In this case, Subcategories will get chosen, and if the Categories list is empty, the menu will show the subcategories of the current category.

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