How to create product Brands

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What exactly does this module do?

Rey’s Brands module taxonomy relies on WooCommerce’s Attributes. Before starting, please make sure to access the backend, Rey Theme > Module Manager and make sure the Brands module is enabled.

Please follow the steps below to set it up:

1. Access Products > Attributes and create a new Attribute which will be used for the brands/manufacturers. Make sure to tick the “Enable Archives” option (ex: ) to make the brands publicly accessible such as and list its products.

2. Open Customizer > WooCommerce > Brands and make sure you choose the attribute you just created eg: .

3. Inside this newly Brands attribute add as many brands (item/terms) as you want (ex: )

4. To relate brands with products, edit or create new products and locate the Product Data box and click on Attributes. Here you can choose from the select list the Brand attribute.

If you want the brand to be shown in the “Specifications” block in the product page, you can check the “Visible on the product page” checkbox.

How to make Brands attribute as public archive

For example you want to have public archives for the Brands (like product categories), with an url with the structure like , you can access the Brand attribute and edit it, and make sure to check the Enable Archives checkbox option eg:

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How to customize a Brand page’s Cover or built a custom template with Elementor

Here’s a short video recording .

Basically make sure the Brands attribute is set as a product archive. This makes them publicly accessible.

You can access Customizer > Page Cover > WooCommerce to set any cover global section you want for the Brands pages.

Inside a page cover global section you can also use an Image widget and dynamically pick the “rey_brand_image” ACF field, which will pull the Brand image path (set for each brand ex: ) .

In case you want to fully edit the Brands pages template, please visit the backend Rey theme > Custom Templates, create a new template and make sure to point the conditions toward the Brand attribute ex: . You can then edit with Elementor and insert the widgets ex: .

How to modify the brand attribute taxonomy?

Access Customizer > WooCommerce > Brands and pick another attribute (eg: )

How to create a Brands page with alphabetic menu

You will need to create a page and edit with Elementor. Search for “WooCommerce Attributes” element from Rey, and use it in the page.

In the element’s settings, select Brands as attribute and the Layout as Alphabetic List. Quick video here .

Markup 2020-10-27 at 23.54.02.png
Overview of all brands, with Alphabetic menu.
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  1. Rodrigo

    Hi, i created alphabetic menu in elementor for the brands in my ecommerce but when i clicked any brand, it doesn’t apply any filter, any brand redirects to the store page and shows all the products of the page, how can do to apply brand filters when i click over the brand i want to filter by?

    1. Marius H[ Post Author ]

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Have you tried making the Brands as public archive eg: ?


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