How to create product brands

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Access your website’s backend area and go to Products > Attributes .

1. Create a new attribute, called however you want to call it, but make sure the Slug is called “brand” .

If you want to name the brand slug differently, please add this code in your child theme’s functions.php:

add_filter( 'reycore/woocommerce/brand_attribute', function(){
    return 'brand_slug_name';

2. Add as many brands (terms) as you want.

3. Create new product and fill all the contents, and look for the Product data box.

In this box, click on Attributes. Here choose from the select list the Brand attribute.

Click on the newly created Brand attribute to expand it, and in the Values field, select the brand you want.

If you want the brand to be shown in the “Specifications” block in the product page, you can check the “Visible on the product page” checkbox.

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