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You can register Rey theme through several ways. You will however need the purchase code before you start. How to get a purchase code?


In the Setup wizard

Right after you activate Rey theme the first time, you should be redirected to a setup wizard. You can find the registration form into the first step.

In the “Rey Dashboard”

If you’re not already registered, in the Dashboard page, you should see the registration form in the first box.


If you want to deregister, access Rey theme – Dashboard and in the first box, you should see the “DEREGISTER PURCHASE CODE” button.

Frequently asked questions:

Getting a “Something went wrong” error:

This error can happen when the SSL certificate is not properly set into the site. First step to check this, is to access Settings in the backend and look at the Site Address and Site URL and check if they contain “https” protocol.

Dealing with staging/development vs production when registering with the purchase code

Staging or development websites are automatically detected and will not count as an activation. Please head over to License for staging and development sites article to see what domain patterns match development environments.

Can the purchase code be registered on a multisite instance

Yes it can. But please make sure to read this article too .

Can I transfer a license code to another website?

No. Our policy permits the use of a purchase code on a single website only, and transferring a purchase code between multiple websites is strictly prohibited.

The only permissible exception is if the previous website has been permanently discontinued or deleted. We actively monitor for any unauthorized or fraudulent use of deregistration. Should such activities be detected, we reserve the right to suspend the implicated purchase code.

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