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Can I use Rey for multiple projects, with a single license?

No, that would be a breach of the ThemeForest license. While nothing technically stops you, doing so would violate the agreement and could cause problems. The choice is yours, but it’s important to consider the consequences.

Are there other types of license, such as an unlimited use license?

No there aren’t. ThemeForest has two license types – Regular and Extended, and both limit the use of a single license per domain. The Extended one only refers to redistribution of the theme in a . More on this topic here .

Can I use the purchase code and register on multiple sites?

You can’t have the same purchase code active on multiple sites simultaneously. So for instance if you have a localhost or staging site, you will need to deregister the purchase code first and then activate it elsewhere.

What happens if a purchase code is not registered?

Besides what’s needed to be pulled from the cloud, everything else should work normally. So basically updates, getting the demo content, downloading Rey’s bundled plugins or getting template items from the library, will be available only when the Rey instance is registered.

Dealing with localhost vs live locations when registering with the purchase code

Unfortunately even though you’re using the key on your localhost, the key cannot be simultaneously active in multiple locations, so you will need to deregister from localhost first, and then register onto the live location.

Can the purchase code be registered on a multisite instance

Yes it can. But please make sure to read this article too .

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12 Replies to “License questions”

  1. Alex


    my name is Alex and I am a freelancer and web designer and would be interested in working with your theme. Is there a possibility to start a certain cooperation in the form of an agency license or individual licenses on a certain condition?

    I would be very happy to hear from you.

    With best regards
    Alexandros Hatzopulos

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]

      Hi Alexandros,

      Thanks a lot for your interest! Wish i had multiple choices to offer in terms of licenses but because of my exclusivity with ThemeForest, there aren’t. Did you had something specific in mind?


  2. an

    hi i obtained the rey theme from a different site but i wasnt given a purchase code i paid for a monthly membership what can do?

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]


      Unfortunately there are sites such as these ones that basically steal all of those themes and plugins, including Rey. It’s heartbreaking to see my hard work sold illegally, but i will prepare the legal documentation to bring down these sites.

      Onto the purchase code, Rey is exclusively sold on ThemeForest at and the only way of getting the license key and its benefits, is by buying it there.


  3. omar

    hola que tal soy Omar y acabo de comprar un tema de Rey. Estoy utilizando WordPress y el pluggin de instalación no me acepta el código de compra el que llego después de efectuar la compra.
    ¿Que se puede hacer para darle seguimineto ?

    1. Marius[ Post Author ]


      Please visit and copy the purchase code at the bottom (after the large button “Go to item support”). You should find the valid purchase code there.


  4. Aman Kumar

    Hi Marius, can I change domain, if I needed to do so or I’ll have to buy rey every time for new domain? I mean I’ll use it on one site at a time but do I have the freedom to turn it off, on the current domain and move on to next?

    1. Marius H[ Post Author ]


      Yes you can. The basic idea is that it cannot work simultaneously on multiple location, just one at a time.


  5. Johannes

    Hi, when buying the license is it a one time payment or do one need to pay annually? If it’s a one time payment, will I be able to access future updates or are there any limitations on updates? Please enlighten me.

    1. Marius H[ Post Author ]

      Hi Johannes,

      Yes, the license is a one-time payment and you’ll be able to access future updates at anytime. The license’s only limitation is the use of it on a single project/domain.


  6. faizan

    I have ray theme on my website
    My delevoper purchased this ray theme and he has registration key for that theme.I dont have his contact so i can not ask for registration key.Can you tell me that is it possible to purchase ray theme again and put that registration key in my website without ruining anything on website??
    Kindly assist me

    1. Marius H[ Post Author ]

      Hi Faizan,

      Yes, if you purchase Rey, you can replace the registration key without ruining anything inside the website. Cheers!

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