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If you’re running WPRocket plugin, you can access Customizer > General > Performance and find an option called “Add Mobile Improvements” eg: .

This option only works if WPRocket’s “Mobile Cache” & “Cache Separately” are enabled eg: .

The option will enable a few functionalities such as:

  1. Physically removing the output of any Elementor content that’s set to be hidden on Desktop. Works for any element and widget that has Desktop hidden eg: .
  2. Creates 2 new image sizes with the widths of 480px and 240px. They will forcefully override the current images sizes, and in case you use Sections or Columns background image set to “Image tag”, they will load it too.
    Note: After enabling “Mobile improvements” option, you will need to install “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin and regenerate them so that the new sizes are physically created.
  3. Forces some desktop exclusive features to be completely unloaded (eg: Quickview);
  4. Physically disables the load of the main menu (which may include mega menus) thus resulting in a smaller output.

Overriding the mobile images that are forcefully changed

You could try adding this code snippet into the child theme’s functions.php and change the full or half (half is used for images in product grids that have 2 columns).

add_filter('reycore/mobile_improvements/image_sizes', function($sizes){
    return [
        'full' => 600,
        'half' => 480,

Note: You will likely need to use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

Disable the mobile images overrides

If you just want to disable these mobile images overrides, you could use this code into the child theme’s functions.php.

add_filter('reycore/mobile_improvements/image_sizes', '__return_empty_array');
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