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Off-canvas global sections are blocks of Elementor content that should be used to display various type of content into an animated side panel, that’s shown on demand.

To create one, access Rey theme > Global sections and create a new one, and make sure to check the “Off-canvas panel” option. After entering Elementor edit mode, make sure to adjust the preview size as you want to. Please remember, this is a preview setting, not the actual size which will be displayed in the frontend.

Screencast video here – .

To activate the offcanvas panel in frontend, you will need to make use of the Navigation Trigger element. In this element you can select, how the trigger should look like (as a hamburger icon, general icon or even a plain simple button).

In this element you will customize how the offcanvas panel is activated. You will also be able to choose the site edge from where the panel to transition in, and all sorts of other options.

Screencast video using Nav. Trigger element – .

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