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This is a basic simple contact form that shows the customer’s orders and allows selecting which products are needed to be refunded.

LinkHow to enable?

Simply access Customizer > WooCommerce > Refunds and enable it and configure the other settings.

Make sure to access Settings > Permalinks and save the settings. This will flush an internal WordPress cache. If you won’t do this step, you’ll likely get a 404 error.

Customize various internal settings. Copy the code below and paste it into the child theme’s functions.php .

add_filter('reycore/woocommerce/returns', function($settings){
	$settings['subject'] = esc_html__('Return request from %s', 'text-domain');
	$settings['heading'] = esc_html__('Return request', 'text-domain');
	$settings['email'] = '';
	$settings['order_text'] = '{{ID}} ( {{DATE}} / {{TOTAL}}{{CURRENCY}} )';
	$settings['error_not_sent'] = esc_html__('Something went wrong and the request hasn\'t been sent. Please retry later!', 'text-domain');
	$settings['success_msg'] = esc_html__('Return request sent successfully.', 'text-domain');
	return $settings;
}, 20);

LinkChange the email address

By default the form sends the email towards the site administrator email defined in WP > Settings .

If you want to change it, please edit the following code and add it into the child theme’s functions.php:

add_filter('reycore/woocommerce/returns', function($settings){
	$settings['email'] = '';
	return $settings;
}, 20);

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