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This plugin will force the header to display like a vertical fixed bar, attached to the left side of the site.

Side header in action.

To enable it, please access Rey theme > Plugins Manager and look for the Rey Module – Side Header plugin. If it’s now shown, please click the “Sync Plugins List” button at the top.

After you activate it, it will automatically take over the header’s display, so you can immediately preview its looks.

To customize its width and options, please access Customizer > Header > Side header and you can find various options, such as:

  • Horizontal align. To align components horizontally.
  • Enable Hover effect. This will add a smooth hover effect increasing the width of the header and will also add a shadow;
  • Width. Customize the width of the header. Please know that if the width goes under a 120px threshold, it will cause the menu and components to display as icons.
  • Side padding. Will customize the surrounding padding of the header.
  • Layout style. This will only apply to “default” Header, meaning if you’re building the header with a Global Header, this option won’t be available.

This feature supports both “Default” header and Header Global Sections (headers built with Elementor).

Use Fullscreen Menu with Side Header

The Fullscreen Menu can be found in action in Stockholm Demo .

To use the Fullscreen Menu functionality in the Side Header, simply build the header as a Header Global Section and add the Fullscreen Nav. Icon element inside.

More info on FullScreen Menu plugin here .

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One Reply to “Rey Module – Side Header”

  1. Riadh

    There’s not enough documentation about the side header, it doesn’t work when I activate the plugin, the header becomes messed up. Tried customizing the options in customizer but still doesn’t work

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