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In the search panels, you might notice some keywords that are suggested. They are manually added and they can be changed in several ways, depending on the header setup:

Changing from Customizer

Try accessing Customizer > Header > Search and look for Keywords text field eg: .

If you can’t see it, it means the keywords are added/overridden in the Search element in the header global section, so you can skip to the next step.

Changing from Search element in Header (global section)

Edit the header with Elementor and click on the Search element eg: . You should be able to see the keywords separated by commas.

Note: For mobiles, if you’re using a separate section that contains the Search element, you will also need to edit these keywords in here too. In fact, it’s probably best not to override the keywords and rely on the global keywords defined in Customizer.

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5 Replies to “Search “trending” keyword buttons”

  1. Vangelis

    Hello there!

    I have tried changing the keywords with both combinations:

    a) from customizer (having disabled the override settings options from elementor)
    b) from the header global section in elementor (having disabled the search from customizer)

    Neither of them seem to work, I keep on seeing the 3 default ones: t-shirts, pants, accesories

    Any ideas?

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]


      Not sure what happens. Here’s a quick video on my end showing how to change it from the Search element eg: . Doing the same thing doesn’t make any difference? If so, please create a temporary admin account and send send me the details through the support form at . Thanks!


      1. Vangelis

        Hello again!

        I submitted a new ticket yesterday, please let me know when you see it.


      2. afshin

        hi dear marius , after last update i have this problem too .
        please help .

        1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]


          Please make sure to check if there are multiple instances of the Search element in the header. A common confusion is when inside a header global section, there are 2 sections (one for mobile and one for desktop) and they both have the search element. When there are multiple instances, it’s best to disable the “Override settings” option from the Search element, and instead rely on the ones from Customizer > Header > Search .

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