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This article will explain the settings located in each Page / Post / Product / Taxonomy such as Category.

Please know that in order for all these options to be shown, you will need to make sure Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin is installed. Read more on installing plugins.

They mostly override predefined options from Customizer panel.

Settings panel in pages, posts and product pages.
Settings panel in taxonomy pages.

Title display

This will show or hide the page title.

Page cover

In case you don’t know already, a page cover is the top banner, after the header and before the page content.

This option will either add, remove or replace an already assigned page cover (from Customizer > Page Cover panel). Read how to create page covers .

Header Layout

This option will either add, remove or replace an already assigned header (from Customizer > Header > General panel). Read how to create headers .

Header Text

Customize the header’s text color in this particular page only. Please note that this may not work for non-Rey elements so as an alternative, create a new Header and use the above Header layout option to change it.

Header position

Change the position of the Header in this particular page only. To change the position on the entire site go to Customizer > Header > General panel.

This option will either add, remove or replace an already assigned footer (from Customizer > Footer > General panel). Read on how to create footers .

Global sections

With this option, you can assign a global section into a specific area of the page. I recommend using this option for non-page builder pages, such as Categories, Products, etc. Read more about global sections or how to create generic sections .


Simply make this page a redirect. Enable this and you should be able to add a custom link that will make this page a 302 redirect to it. To change the status code, please make use of any of these code snippets (starting with v2.3.4).

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