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Right after Rey theme is activated, you should be redirected to its setup wizard, eg:

First step.

The first step is all about activating Rey theme with the purchase code generated from Envato. To get the purchase code simply access ThemeForest’s Rey theme page and access the support tab. You should find the purchase code listed there.

After the purchase code was added, you can just hit Next. The Email addres field & Subscribe to newsletter are optional.

I do however recommend adding your email address so that we keep an open communication channel for important announcements. Unless a buyer contacts us, we cannot reach you, so if there’s an important announcement we might not communicate it to you.

You can also skip registration, however it’s definitely not recommended because you won’t be able to be notified of new updates, download Rey bundled plugins or import demos.

You can deactivate at any time. No URL is stored, so you can use the same purchase code on a different website, but not simultaneously. Please be aware of Envato License permissions which is limits use of a single theme license on a single domain. I appreciate for playing fair!

Markup 2020-06-28 at 10.14.53.png
2nd Step to install dependencies and recommendations.

In the second step you will need to install the plugin requirements. All these plugins extend the theme, for example:

  • Rey Core plugin is the theme extender. It contains the functionality that makes Rey a powerful tool. Rey theme can work without Rey Core plugin however it’ll be just an absolutely non customisable theme relying on defaults.
  • One Click Demo Import is used for importing demos. Can be disabled after you import a demo as it’s not needed any more.

You can also install a child theme so you can safely customize through code without worrying that you might lose your customisations in case Rey theme is updated. Highly recommended to be installed.

So to put it simply, without these plugins, Rey will work, however extremely limited in options and features.

Last step.

That’s about it. You can now import demos.

If you reached this step and all plugins were installed, the wizard shouldn’t be shown any more.

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6 Replies to “Setup Wizard”

  1. Marcel

    I tried to customize based on the Milano template. However, after Demo Data Import it does not display as in the preview. Can you please have a look on my site and provide me with a solution?

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]

      Hi Marcel,

      Please submit a new support ticket here and send me the URL of your site, along with admin credentials so i can verify what’s going on exactly.


  2. Roy

    Is it possible not to import demo ?
    I should activate rey parent theme or rey child theme?
    I should edit the child theme becoming my main theme, am i correct ?

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]

      Hi Roy,

      Yes, sure! Importing demos serves mostly as a getting start point, but def. not mandatory. Using a child theme is also not mandatory, but if you’re planning on adding code customisations, it’s best to add them into the child theme so that when Rey (parent theme) gets an update, the custom codes won’t be overwritten.

      A suggestion if you’re not going to import any demo. Try using Rey’s template library eg: .


  3. Marita Atkins

    Hi, I’m about to purchase & install Rey to re-build my site. I’m building on local then will use a backup plugin to go live. My question is what is the correct time to deregister on the local site ? I’m assuming after I upload to live I just go back into the local site & hit the deregister button there? TIA

    1. mariushoria[ Post Author ]

      Hi Marita,

      Yes, exactly, that’s the easiest way to do this. Thanks!!


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