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The WooCommerce’s Shop page, even though it looks like a regular page and is presented in fact as a page, it’s actually an auto-generated page by WooCommerce.

It doesn’t use “the_content” WordPress function, which is where Elementor appends its content.

So because of this, Elementor is not able to edit it.

On the other hand Elementor PRO’s Theme Builder feature, is able to create some template layouts and can hijack it, to replace the entire shop page, while keeping its exact link.

Now, to be fair, try thinking about what you’re trying to achive. I’m asking because Shop pages are basic, usually having a Header + Page banner/cover (optionally) + Catalog grid + Footer. So where most customisations are needed, are usually into the cover side eg: .

So unless you want something else totally different, i suggest simply creating a Cover global section and assign it to the Shop page in Customizer > Cover > WooCommerce . You can even import already made covers with Rey’s template library eg: .

Also, keep in mind that the customisation options for all WooCommerce Catalog and its pages are in Customizer > WooCommerce .

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