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Recently, we initiated an automatic process to suspend purchase codes that are being used on multiple domains, either actively or by transferring the license from one website to another.

Licenses have always been limited to a single end product, even if you transfer a license from one website to another. Exceptions for transferring a license to another website are only made if the previous website has been permanently discontinued or deleted.

We understand this change may be frustrating, especially since it worked differently before. However, aligning with this business model is essential for us. Without these measures, it would be unsustainable to continue developing and supporting Rey. Implementing these rules helps ensure the project’s future and keeps it alive and thriving.

To avoid any interruptions and to support the continued development of Rey, we recommend purchasing a separate license for each website. This not only complies with our licensing terms but also ensures that you have full access to support and updates for each project.

If you believe your purchase code was wrongfully suspended, please reach out to us. You can submit a support ticket or use our ThemeForest’s profile contact form . Thank you!

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