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Where do i find the library?

Whenever you’re editing an Elementor page, you can see the “rey” button in the editing rectangle. Clicking it will open a panel with all templates available.

The Rey button to open template library.
Template library.

Some elements are not imported or it’s empty

This most likely happens because some elements are disabled in Rey’s Element Manager. Please access the backend, Rey theme > Elements Manager and make sure elements are enabled.

It’s best to disable them when launching the site, not during development.

What is and isn’t imported?

Some parts of the layout cannot be imported because they’re globally defined, they’re autogenerated by WordPress or they’re generated by other plugins thus needing extra configurations.

Not imported:

  • Site Headers (when importing pages or covers)
  • Site Footers (when importing pages)
  • Products (for product grid elements)
  • Any post type Categories
  • Contact Forms (needs manually selection from element options)
  • MailChimp forms (needs manually selection from element options, or even plugin configuration)
  • Instagram feed (needs configuration in the Instagram plugin)
  • Menus
  • Blog posts

What about Melbourne Demo’s Slider?

This slider is built with Revolution Slider, meaning that it has a different importing system. So it will need to be manually imported.

First you’ll need to install Revolution Slider (access Rey theme > Plugins Manager) and install & activate it from there.

In the package you downloaded from ThemeForest there’s a folder called Exports. Inside it you’ll find a zip file called revolution-slider-melbourne.zip ( you can also download it from here https://d.pr/f/s3w0V0 ).

With this zip file access Revolution Slider in WP backend and click on the Manual import button eg: https://d.pr/i/ZYyVYH .

After the slider has been imported, you can then edit the homepage or other page with Elementor, browse for the Revolution Slider element and drag it into the page and select the slider eg: https://d.pr/i/7obAFn .

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