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This article covers the settings located in Rey Theme > Settings page and don’t necessarily relate to the website’s layout. If you want to edit those settings, access Customizer.

Font Settings

Font settings in Rey theme > Settings backend section.

Preload Google Fonts

Preload a bunch of Google Fonts which will be shown in all the typography lists (Customizer, Elementor, etc.). This option’s purpose is to optimize your website’s performance by making a single request to the Google fonts servers.

Read why you should use this option and preload Google fonts.

Adobe Fonts Project ID (formerly Typekit)

In this text field you can paste the Adobe Fonts project ID, and upon saving the page, the fonts will be pulled and shown right after the field. This will also populate typography font lists in Elementor or Customizer.

To get the Adobe Fonts project ID, create a new Adobe Font Web Project .

If you’re not familiar with Adobe Fonts, you’ll need any type of Creative Cloud membership to use it. It starts at ~$11/mo. for the Photography plan which includes Photoshop and you can create as many font projects as you want with unlimited bandwidth. It’s awesome for agencies that most likely already use PhotoShop or an Adobe app.

Load all font variants

This will force Customizer’s typography font lists containing Google fonts, to load all variants (font weights).

I strongly recommend this to be disabled. Please be careful about this option as it could generate performance issues because each font variant has its own file which is pretty big.

Instead use the Preload Google font option and add the preferred font variants.

Miscellaneous settings

Miscellaneous settings in Rey theme > Settings backend section.

Advanced Custom Fields Panel

Enable or disable the Custom Fields panel in the WordPress backend menu. You can create new options, however do know they need custom coding to be actually displayed.

Enable Elementor animations

This option enables an entrance animation “engine” applied on Elementor’s sections, columns and widgets (elements).

These animations override Elementor’s default entrance animations.

Learn more on how to use entrance animations.

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