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This is a basic standard guide on uploading and installing a WordPress theme.

First step is to login into your ThemeForest account and access the downloads section https://themeforest.net/downloads . You’ll notice the Rey theme item and the green Download button. Click on it and then click on “Installable WordPress file only”.

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Download from ThemeForest

After you downloaded this file, access your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes and here, look for the Add new button.

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Click on Add new button.

In the next screen, click on Upload Theme and then Choose file and look for the zip archive you downloaded from ThemeForest. Finally, click on Install now.

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Click Upload theme and then Choose file to select the “rey.zip” file.

After installation, click on Activate.

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Click on Activate.

Run the setup wizard

Right after you Activate the theme, you should be redirected to Rey’s built-in setup wizard.

Follow this article to find out more about the Setup wizard.

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