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Why is Homepage and Catalogue using different logo and text color?

That’s because both pages need to have the Header overlapping the content. So because of that, in their page settings i changed the logo (to a lighter version), change the header text, and also changed the header position eg: .

Why are Add to cart buttons disabled?

This is happening because the Valencia demo is presented as a catalog, however you can disable this in Customizer > WooCommerce > Product catalog > Misc. and here disable Catalogue Mode.

The header menu doesn’t display mega menus

The solution is very easy. Simply access Appearance > Menus, select the Main menu and at the bottom try checking the 2 options Main menu and Mega Menu YES eg: .

The Find Dealer page looks broken

In the Find dealer page, yes, it’s happening because Store locator plugin is not configured eg: . Here’s more on configuring it .

How to disable or customize the “Find a dealer” button in product pages

You can simply access Plugins and deactivate the WP Store Locator plugin. To customize the button, please head over to Customizer > WooCommerce > Plugin: WP Store Locator .

How to edit the slideshow images

Please head over to this article which explains in detail how to modify and create new slides.

How to add variation swatches in product pages

Please follow this article How to create product variation swatches .

Because this demo is presented as a catalog only, after you made sure to deactivate Catalog mode in Customizer > WooCommerce > Product catalog – Misc.

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