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Rey has a built-in module to enable a Wishlist functionality.

To access all of its options, please head over to Customizer > WooCommerce > Wishlist.

Enabling the Wishlist

First, head over to Customizer > WooCommerce > Wishlist and make sure to enable it.

Send step is to create a new blank page – call it Wishlist, and then select it into the Wishlist page list.

In these options you can choose Catalog or Product page display options and also modify the texts used for buttons, titles or notices.

Add a Wishlist button with counter in the Header

Please edit the active Header global section with Elementor and simply add the Wishlist element eg: https://d.pr/i/IFUmCS , or here’s a recording how to do it https://d.pr/v/9wqu8Q .

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