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It’s never recommended to edit template files within a plugin or theme. Instead it’s best to make use of the child theme.

You can override template files rendering output simply by copying some specific files into the child theme which by definition will never be updated or overwritten.

Rey Core template files

Copy files from:
/wp-content/themes/rey-child/rey-core/**/* .

For example the cart’s panel template from:
/wp-content/themes/rey-child/rey-core/woocommerce/header-shopping-cart-panel.php .

Rey Theme template files

Copy files from:

For example the logo block is at:
and needs to be copied at:
/wp-content/themes/rey-child/template-parts/header/logo.php .

WooCommerce template files

Copy files from:
/wp-content/themes/rey-child/woocommerce/**/* (without the “templates” folder).

For example the single product page’s price block:
wp-content/themes/rey-child/woocommerce/single-product/price.php .

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