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For SEO or any reason, you can change some of hardcoded headings tags in Rey by using these code snippets below and pasting them into the child theme’s functions.php .

For others that are not mentioned here, please create a new support ticket and request the code snippet. Or if you have suggestions about their default state, it would be great also to weight in the opinion of an SEO expert.

Account Panel & Wishlist Popup (Header)

add_filter('rey/header/account_heading_tags', function( $tags ){
	return array_merge($tags, [
		'wishlist'      => 'h5',
		'login'         => 'h5',
		'lost_password' => 'h5',
		'register'      => 'h5',
		'hello_title'   => 'h5',

Header Wishlist Popup (widget)

add_filter('reycore/elementor/header-wishlist/title_tag', function( $tag ){
	return 'h4';

Search Panel titles

This code snippet will handle the trending keywords title heading tag, as well as the custom quick menus.

add_filter('reycore/header/search_params', function( $params ){
	$params['trending_keywords_tag'] = 'h4';
	$params['menu_title_tag'] = 'h4';
	return $params;

Shopping Cart panel top titles

add_filter('reycore/header/cart_params', function( $params ){
	$params['title_tag'] = 'h3';
	return $params;

Product title tag in catalog

add_filter('woocommerce_product_loop_title_tag', function( $tag ){
	return 'h2';

Product title tag in product page

This will require to override the wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/title.php template into the child theme and manually edit the tag, although it’s not recommended at all.

Product page’s navigation invisible H2

This snippet below will modify the product page’s next previous navigation invisible screen reader text, which is coming from WordPress’ core eg: .

add_filter('navigation_markup_template', function( $template ){
	return str_replace('<h2 class="screen-reader-text">%2$s</h2>', '<div class="screen-reader-text">%2$s</div>', $template);

Product page’s Share title

add_filter('reycore/woocommerce/product_page/share/title_tag', function( $tag ){
	return 'h5';

Product page’s Reviews title

add_filter('reycore/woocommerce/reviews/title_tag', function( $tag ){
	return 'h2';

Blog teasers

add_filter('reycore/module/blog-teasers/settings', function( $params ){
	$params['title_tag'] = 'div';
	return $params;

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